Deformation bulge after the floor

Deformation bulge after the floor

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Ma Changchun people will actually home TV cabinet, refrigerator are hold up high, so that the normal family life is affected. <a href="">composite cladding suppliers</a> He had suspected a problem with the quality of the floor, so the floor auto paper petition complained to the Consumers Association of Jilin Province. August 9, Jilin Province, Jilin Province, commissioned by the Consumer Association of Forest Products (supplier) product quality supervision and inspection and field sampling. Yesterday, the test results finally came out. The results showed that the main cause of Ma home floor drum kit is no moisture sealant film, at the edge of the floor damp proof membrane defects, moisture fleeing into the back of the floor, the floor belongs to swell due to improper moisture treatment. In the inspection report, the reporter saw, commissioned the inspection of flooring varieties "Kempas" solid wood flooring. According to Ma speaking, it had sales of businesses implementing a one-stop service, which is responsible for sales, <a href="">adirondack chairs eastman perennial wood</a> installation by merchants. "It is a problem, businesses should be given compensation." In this regard, Mr. Ma is responsible for the sales floor of the mall, said dealers have been urged to solve the problem as soon as possible, the Ma home floor re-paving. Most recently, complaints similar to Mr. Ma's almost every day. Yesterday, the product of Quality Supervision, Inspection Station learned from Jilin Forest (suppliers), since early August, about the floor, furniture, indoor environmental complaints per day together, the number of same period last year rose by 30% to 40%. Among them, formaldehyde complaints more than doubled. <a href="">composite marine material</a> In this regard, stakeholders warned consumers in the purchase of flooring, furniture and other home improvement products, it is best to purchase twelve model, after inspection, then purchased in bulk. When buying the product, the detection level E1 to use indoors. Secondly, at the time of purchase of the floor, be sure to pay attention to whether the product inspection reports, and attention is valid for six months. Further, when the pavement floor, <a href="">plastic floor for the back yard</a> pay attention to moisture. There are currently on the market some new paving method, but not necessarily for the North, consumers in the choice, it is best to be careful of some.
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Re: Deformation bulge after the floor

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