How to clean wood floors, will not damage the board do?

How to clean wood floors, will not damage the board do?

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How to clean wood floors, will not damage the board do? I believe that many small partners related to small series, is in trouble with this question. In fact, once you have a wood floor cleaning focus, Environmentally friendly composite decking boardthis is not a difficult task. Today small for everyone to put together three wood floor cleaning and maintenance tips, I hope for your help. First, clean, wood floors should be used in the daily cleaning cotton mop wrung wipe in case of stubborn stains, use a mild cleaning solvent wipe after wipe with a wrung cotton mop, do not use acid and alkaline solvents gasoline or other organic solvents scrub. And do not place strong acid and strong alkaline substances such as on the floor.
Laminate flooring cleaning and maintenancae is relatively simple, but can not be taken lightly. Clean the application without dripping wet mop to, and increase the surface humidity, can effectively solve the generation gap and the floor cracking. If there is greasy stains when rubbed with a cloth moistened with cleaning fluid can be. Second, waxing wood floor waxing should not be frequent number of times, it should be appropriate for the floor waxing. Waxing can play moisture,Durable Balcony Flooring damage, increase surface finish and easy to clean and so on, but if the number is too frequent waxing, will cause damage to the wooden floor. Frequent waxing can cause wax scale wax layer stack, and an intermediate layer of wax will be twice the ash layer, the impact of waxing results.
Now the average family are relatively affordable prices with laminate flooring, strengthen the surface of the floor is a layer of aluminum oxide, water and other liquids do not easily penetrate to the floor inside, so if it is to strengthen the floor waxing, the wax layer can not penetrate into the floor inner, only attached to the surface of the floor, people will leave footprints when walking, a long time like the floor surface becomes "big face" in general,Corrosion-resistant balcony railings affect the appearance and difficult to wipe the floor care. Therefore, strengthening the floor should not be waxed. When the air is dry, laminate flooring should not use powder detergent for cleaning and maintenance, and do not use abrasive paper polishing. Can be wrung cloth to wipe, and then maintenance care solution, wipe hard place removed with special cleaning agents.
Third, to prevent scratching the fine particles of wood.Fine gravel floor surface long stay, after walking back and forth, gravel signs of wear will appear in the floor surface. In addition to gravel, dirt, hard-soled shoes, sharp metal, glass, wood flooring tiles are 'skin' nemesis, in order to reduce particulate wear wooden floor, keeping the floor clean is particularly important. After the windows open for ventilation should pay attention to clean the floor,best waterproof outdoor fence if there are dust or sand, should be immediately vacuum cleaning. In addition, the gray gravel on the wooden floor should not use a damp cloth and mop handle, wrapped in gray gravel between them is likely to cause surface wear floor paint scratches; Also note, do not make contact with the floor or placed directly on the fire floor High-power electric heaters, can not be placed directly on the kettle, stove and other hot objects.
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