Buy water-resistant flooring

Buy water-resistant flooring

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Floor assembled using glue is very important, this kind of glue necessary to use good waterproof glue (general use Eurocodes D3 above grade waterproof glue), only means to ensure the quality of the floor. But also in the means within 12 hours (complete solidification front), people should avoid walking on the floor. Since the floor seams waterproof glue or glue poor poor, but since then immersed in water will directly affect the service life of the floor.

Wear rotation of the main floor and the outer aluminum oxide content relevant. Aluminum oxide content of the higher number of wear-resistant flooring is also higher. Domestic flooring wear-resistant paper manufacturers mainly rely on imports, mainly from Germany and the United States and China. Bai Tian Lai wood floor general will choose Germany's 45g wear-resistant paper, to ensure the durability of the floor to reach the country home to more than 6000 class specification. Presented on the market today called 20,000-30,000 turn abrasion resistance of the floor is not fit scientific yardstick. Consumers should therefore not wear revolution as the most important indicator to weigh the quality of the floor.

Daily life and ultimately dealing with water, the water resistance of the floor to be very important, it will easily be deformed in the process of applying. Poor water resistance of laminate flooring, after a period of time using joints significantly elevated, raised locally is very easy to wear, accelerated damage to the floor.

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