Performance Comparison wood flooring

Performance Comparison wood flooring

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<p>Stability: parquet most stable laminate flooring thoroughly beaten the original Timber Organization, undermining the anisotropic shrinkage and swelling properties of wood, very stable, less vulnerable to other wet and dry conditions, it is widely used in warm environments. Parquet will criss-cross layers of fiber sheet, offset by internal stress of wood, making the floor easy to deformation, cracking, greatly improve the stability of the floor. Wet and dry climate and expansion of solid wood flooring wood influenced by the stable performance somewhat less, such as improper maintenance and daily presence bagging, cracking and other risks.</p>

<p>Visual Appearance: solid wood, parquet flooring and a more natural wood parquet surface are pure wood, using wood direct processing, texture, color remain natural properties of wood, it gives a soft, natural, rich feeling of affinity , very suitable for home use. Laminate flooring look good or bad depending on the decorative paper, the computer simulation of different patterns and colors, in order to achieve real results. Although the decorative layer can realistically simulate wood grain, tactile and other effects, but the natural wood grain and still have some differences.</p>

<p>Jiaogan Comfort: solid wood flooring solid wood flooring foot feeling better after processed directly via the formation of natural wood, good elasticity, moderate foot feeling, its best performance comfort, especially for pavement in the bedroom and other environments. Parquet boards using three or more layers bonded together, feel close to the surface of solid wood, also has good foot feeling. Laminate flooring is mostly high-density fiberboard core, is more blunt, somewhat less foot feeling and comfort.</p>

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