laminate flooring laminate

laminate flooring laminate

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Solid wood flooring maintenance procedures relatively complicated and requires regular waxing and polishing. ground can not with a hard object friction, beating, smashing, produce uneven wear if required planing repainting, can still look. the high price of solid wood fireproof wood plastic patio wall panel flooring from 1300 yuan / square meter to 60 yuan / square meter price level of wood species is good or bad decision.
the most expensive per square meter up to 1280 yuan, while the cheapest were not for the prime board paint, only the price per square meter 60 yuan. detecting the same kind of standard timber points a, 2A, 3A three grades, "a" the higher the number, the better the quality .2, laminate flooring laminate deck bench backrest angle flooring from the wear layer, decorative layer, a substrate layer, a moisture barrier layer constituting the wear layer using extremely high wear resistance of aluminum oxide coated on the decorative layer; decorative layer is printed with a wood pattern printed paper; substrate layer for high-density fiberboard, high density fiberboard; moisture balancing layer of paper or plastic impregnated plywood melamine resin. Because laminate purchase wpc composite boards flooring substrate is wood fiber, density, so good stability, but also to take advantage of lower timber corner feed, wood chips and small branches of various trees (pulverized as wood fiber), in line with basic concepts of sustainable development and sustainable use of resources, are the new environmentally friendly floor.
Laminate composite planters for garden flooring without varnishing waxing, using a wide range, maintenance is relatively simple, with just a day and a half wipe dry mop, is the most suitable for the modern family life rhythm ground material .
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