Carefully choose wood floor

Carefully choose wood floor

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The Council reminded decoration owners: carefully selected wood insects accidentally recent Guangzhou Branch Liang Consumer Commission received a number of complaints about wood floors is decorated moth-eaten. <a href="">waterproof alternative material to plastic</a> The Council reminded the public should be aware of before the renovation to be selected characteristic of wood flooring, such as air-dry density, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, etc., and shop around. With the continuous improvement of living standards, many people choose to decorate the house with a wood floor, but not much understanding of the wooden floor, but misguided, or even spend more money wasted, after some consumers in the decoration from wood climbed out insects to know cheated. <a href="">sips panels price</a> Miss Lee commissioned a decoration company decoration, require a room on the ground floor with wooden decoration. Since the front decoration decoration company just listen to the presentation, and no carefully selected decoration materials, after the completion of a month, Miss Li found that the floor has a small white spot, look closely, it turned out to be worms. Another Mr. <a href="">pvc ceiling wood south africa</a> Chen eager to decorate the house, but also to hear only decoration company's proposals and decoration company will be a good floor to floor two renovated houses, the results just completed renovation, the floor will appear moth-eaten. The above-mentioned two cases of both parties negotiation fails, respectively, to the great good club disappear appoint complaints through mediation, have been satisfactorily resolved. The Council reminds consumers: <a href="">waterproof floor panels boat</a> You can be in the decoration of wood flooring from several note: First, combined with their own regional climatic conditions such as the whereabouts of a number of good reputation, good quality manufacturer for advice, learn to be selected characteristic of wood flooring; Finally, you can obtain reports in this regard, and other information through the network.
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