Qingyang Road construction steel pier step

Qingyang Road construction steel pier step

Postautor: harden » 8 wrz 2016, o 04:57

Green Ocean Road quickly across the main engineering Wujin Avenue Bridge completed the top outer pier pier expansion vase SQUARE first piece construction, which not only marks the formal transfer of the bridge structure construction above ground, but also marks the "no pier reinforcement bracket construction technology "in the construction of roads and bridges in the area of ??the first successful use.

"No pier reinforcement bracket Construction Technology" in the implementation of the project "reinforced centralized processing factory" (Standardization Administration of one of the measures) on the basis of the design with nice wide pier top extended vase SQUARE pier the pier steel production module factory, in a large reinforced each section provided a centralized processing plants within the molding, the scene without lifting the whole steel stents.

Since the reinforcement module production factory, will soon be put together with CNC steel processing equipment, steel banding and makes installation accuracy is improved greatly, and the past "only embedded pier reinforcement, erection of late stent pier steel air banding" traditional pier compared construction steel column, not only reduced the amount of on-site scaffold erection work, greatly reducing the process of security risk, but also greatly shortened the pier operating time.

It is reported that this process will promote the use of the entire Green Ocean Road quickly engineering projects.

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