Buy children's room floor

Buy children's room floor

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Buy children's room floor to be more stringent than ordinary home floor, not only to take into account health, safety features, but also to take care of the child's personality nature. In combination, depending on the environment can be a different style mix color in lively, bright, natural and comfortable better.

1. Suitable color appearance

Children have a strong sense of curiosity, like the change, more sensitive to color, pattern. With rich colors and lovely patterns on the floor, easier to bring affinity, better cultivate the imagination of children. In color, the choice should be lively, crisp, natural color, so that children do not feel constrained and irritation. Of course, floor patterns, patterns can not be uneven, but can not have the splicing gap, likely to cause falls, as well as residual toxic substances.

2. Material to environmental health

Children's resistance is weak, in the purchase of the floor, be sure to pay attention to environmental protection, non-toxic materials on non-polluting. Currently on the market of varying quality children's room floor, not a lot of environmental standards above the floor after some renovation there will be some release of formaldehyde, likely to cause serious impact on the child's body, should pay attention to the screening.

3. safe and comfortable to the touch

In the children's room, floor material must be warm to the touch, and can accommodate children from infancy to adolescence growing up in need, too soft or strong wood are not the best choice. Smoothness of the floor, abrasion resistance, flatness also suitable, can not have uneven patterns, seams, to ensure that children at play, will not scratch, slip falls and other problems.

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