When buying flooring need careful eye

When buying flooring need careful eye

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With wooden floor in home improvement and popularity of online shopping is popular, many consumers at home decorating the house began to buy wood flooring and other building materials from the Internet, convenient and affordable. However, from the outbreak of the problem is a lot of consumers do not know how defenders encountered are not board.

Today, online shopping is no longer a fresh word, it has become the way many consumers shopping, stay at home, you can buy the things they want, but to enjoy the convenience and benefits, while often also occurs endless satisfactory thing. Zhao was a fan of online shopping, online shopping may be the last, but there is some question, though finally resolved, but Zhao said that the original renovation plans were disrupted, the original happy thing was covered with a layer harsh shadows.

Zhao ordered 7,000 yuan in laminate flooring. The goods arrived, they found there was something wrong, the original is there is no floor on the back of the floor logo, the color of the original sample to see the presence of color. Zhao quickly find customer service to say the situation, inform the customer, goods are issued directly from the factory, on top of a telephone to Zhao directly to manufacturers. Manufacturers deny the beginning, Zhao angry, directly from the manufacturers responsible person in the local area to come look at the situation, to see is not the case. After some twists and turns was only confirmed by the case, the manufacturer agreed to replace these products, which purchased a net floor 'not meeting board' storm, only this was put down.

Note: not meeting board, should be checked to carefully check the goods received

Not meeting board, consumers buy the floor frequently occurring problem. Insiders said that unscrupulous businessmen will sample the floor using real materials, and give it to the customer's actual goods but hidden transmission of the disease, the use of jerry-built housing embodiment tune packet count, a phenomenon that has become the flooring market some bad businesses tacit unspoken rules .

In order to avoid products not meeting board, to better safeguard the interests of consumers, to remind consumers within the scope of the economic conditions permit, try to choose a quality assurance and brand reputation for good business, pay attention to see the product quality inspection report when buying products. After the purchase must be saved using the manual or invoice, to use dispute. Finally, look carefully at the details of the entire product acceptance should be in, once problems should be noted field, to avoid businesses deny. At the same time, should be coordinated with the business of remedial actions, coordination can not complain to the Consumers Association or the business sector, take the road rights.

Remind consumers to customize the floor to stay an eye, model, size, style, material, color, delivery time and other details of the floor should be stated in the purchase agreement, the contract to avoid delivery 'are not board' , but also to facilitate rights.

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