Wood flooring brand choice

Wood flooring brand choice

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With the increase in the use of the province to warm cell, so to heat the floor emerged. <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/1063.html">wpc composite fence pricing</a> Reporters at the Xining City Beishan building materials market interviews found that almost all of the wood flooring vendors say their floor Applies to "geothermal" or "for geothermal" floor. But because consumers do not understand exactly what is to heat the floor, so the floor can be removed from them many ordinary mislead consumers. It is reported that geothermal heating and traditional heating methods differ, the ground temperature is higher than the temperature near the ceiling, fits human body, "head cold feet warm" comfort. Geothermal heating and canceled the room heating pipes and radiators, more conducive layout and beautiful bedroom. Of the Ministry of Construction has proposed to vigorously promote the use of low-temperature radiant floor heating system that is geothermal heating. The measures which will enable the brand flooring manufacturers began to "capture" geothermal flooring market. <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/2436.html">plastic wood suppliers durban</a> It is understood that, in accordance with international standards, geothermal floor should be 6.5 mm to 9 mm thick, with tiles is the best, followed by composite floor, followed by the parquet. <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/1826.html">pergolas made composite decking ireland</a> The vast majority of the market 12 mm to 18 mm thick solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, solid wood flooring are not appropriate to the general ground radiation heating system. But August 17, in the northern building materials market reporter found that many floor managers about geothermal floor simply "outsider", the operator just blindly based on market demand and hit "apply to geothermal" gimmick, but do not know to heat the floor requirements high. For instance, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/212.html">best mold resistance wpc decking</a> some floor managers told reporters, do not need glue when geothermal flooring, because the floor is a double locking. It makes reporters feel very puzzled, because the slightest knowledge of some geothermal floor knows, geothermal floor should use special glue, can not be shop pads, keel not play, because this would have a gap between the thermal conductivity of air, which is low It is not conducive to heat. According to experts, to selectively heat the floor to choose the brand, brand dealers generally have installation team has installed some experience. Experienced geothermal flooring brands with geothermal dedicated floor coverings backing material. Geothermal floor formaldehyde release must be low, because as the temperature increased, the formaldehyde emission will be a corresponding increase in the winter in the room may be excessive formaldehyde. In addition, the thickness swelling is less than or equal to 2.5%, the thermal stability is better, higher density substrates, have good internal bond strength.
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