Classification of asphalt pavement

Classification of asphalt pavement

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Classification of asphalt pavement
1. Press strength composition principle can be divided into dense asphalt pavement type (graded class) category and wedging into two categories:
(1) the structural strength of the asphalt by Grading principles form the mixture, it is cohesion between the asphalt and mineral-based material, mineral material embedded within the squeeze force and friction resistance from the supplement. Asphalt Concrete category. Such structural strength of bituminous mixtures greatly influenced by temperature.
(2) wedging class asphalt mixture strength is based on the mineral aggregate embedded between the squeeze force and internal friction resistance, supplemented mainly constituted. Asphalt gravel fall into this category, this type of asphalt mixture is coarse particles, uniformly sized mineral aggregate constitute a skeleton, voids filled with asphalt, and the mineral aggregate into a cohesive whole. Such asphalt mixture structure less affected by temperature, but the porosity large, easy to water seepage, and therefore poor durability.
2. According to the construction process is different, can be divided into layers of asphalt pavement and road lay-mixing method into two categories:
(1) layup method is stratified spraying asphalt, mineral aggregate and layered Spreading laminated construction methods, its main advantage is simple technology and equipment, high efficiency, fast construction schedule, low cost, the drawback is formed of a long road, we need to go through the hot season after road traffic rolling to shape. In this way the construction of asphalt pavement asphalt surface and asphalt Treatment penetration two. SHOP layer construction method should be chosen in a dry and hot season of construction, and before the rainy season and the daily maximum temperature is below 15 �� before the arrival of the end of two weeks, so that the surface layer through the open transportation compaction, molding stability.
(2) mixing method is a certain gradation of mineral aggregate and asphalt material in asphalt plant (field station) with heated mixing equipment, then rolling to the site from the road paving. Ore content of fine particles less feed, containing a small amount of filler (with or without fillers), compacted residual porosity of more than 10% of the semi-open asphalt, gravel called asphalt mixture; if the mineral filler containing compound , various particle sizes of particle size distribution serials, mutual dense built mineral aggregate and asphalt mixing, compacted residual porosity of less than 10% is called asphalt concrete mix. Plant Mixing different paving mix according to the temperature, and can be divided into hot mix hot shop, cold shop hot mix and cold mix cold shop three. Hot Mix hot shop is in the mix after mixing equipment heating hot immediately transported to the road paving compaction. If after the mixture is heated for a period of time and then stored at room temperature and transported to the road paving compaction, cold mix is ??hot shop, cold shop hot-mix is ??generally used for small areas. When using emulsified asphalt as a binder, when the construction of emulsified asphalt macadam mixture pavement, asphalt and mineral aggregate mix compacted at room temperature, called cold cold-laid mix construction method. In addition, the surface of the asphalt mixing plant construction method can also be used Treatment
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