Chinese flooring industry illustrious name

Chinese flooring industry illustrious name

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You may not know, Peng Hongbin is its brand founder, he also created a brilliant and dynamic development of the iconostasis. which is cheaper composite or vinyl railing Two years ago, what is the reason Peng Hongbin decided to leave him eight years devoted themselves to cultivate the Power Dekor? Today, he has become the world's largest how Germany Krono Wood Group China CEO, coming out in less than half the time, how to complete its "sunshine Rhine" national investment work three times with Mr. Ye Peng Hongbin Why join hands two of them in the end what kind of tacit understanding, reason, Sina real estate home on August 18 invited former Power Dekor CEO incumbent Germany Krono Wood Group KRONO Peng Hongbin, president of China as well as senior marketing planning and brand management expert Mr. Ye this legend guest Sina guests chat room with everyone together Uncovered floor and brand marketing of the Road legend lives. durability wpc flooring producers The following chat Record: Moderator: Dear Sina users Hello everybody! Welcome you to visit Sina guests chat room, I think a friend today and brand building materials sector community will be very happy because today we have invited two guests to talk about brand marketing of the Road floor, sitting next to me the two are well-known industry insiders, this is the original Power Dekor Group CEO Mr. Peng Hongbin Germany Kenuo incumbent president, cheap porch decking ghana who is a senior brand marketing Mr.Power Dekor is Chinese flooring industry prominent name, Peng Dekor Why leave? Peng Hongbin: Dekor has a well-deserved first brand, when I left our total market share of almost 10%, that he cut off the complete value chain, so I choose not to do, and we know that flooring brands in the market now many, your Rhine sunshine What competitive flooring market is now the era of the Warring States, the brand, according to incomplete statistics there are more than a thousand, really have an influence on the market about a dozen, the industry concentration trend is not clear. Rhine sunshine main aspects, one is we have a very clear position in the market, and this position is a great market base, such as our operation to locate the floor, garden vinyl lattice fence for sale around the positioning of our raw material procurement, product R & D, manufacturing, marketing, terminal, this piece of consumer research to develop a range of strategies, in addition to sports concept, we also support the concept of the traditional support breakthroughs, such as its sports performance coupled with our sport props, toys, tools to make this concept of motion and sound of concrete, which is the definition of our brand and products.
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