Good quality wood process created

Good quality wood process created

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Precious materials, rigorous process, professional skills, the Pan American is committed to create the best Chinese floor.

Pan American at a distance, he saw the familiar and the Pan American timber for application; to see near the Pan-American, Pan American businesses to better understand the professional and attentive.

American, beginning to focus on creating advanced wood flooring production in quality has never been better, every process is strictly controlled, every piece of finished products are subject to stringent testing. Pan American has 1750m3 most advanced steam drying kiln, is sufficient to ensure a variety of wood dry place; Pan American, an international leader in the wood balance stress release techniques; Pan American, the pursuit of the most natural atmosphere into the room, so, each floor paint adopts advanced technology and environmental protection; Pan Am, the original hidden seam stitching and Velcro pavement different technology, so that solid wood flooring to achieve a perfect application of geothermal environment; the Pan American is committed, any one of Pan Am floor, both enjoy a lifetime service.

Optional wood to fine, fine to seek wood. Pan Am floor indicators are far more than the national standard, each one of Pan Am floor are called Seiko goods, superior for! Because strict internal control, high production standards, the quality of Pan Am floor several times in the nationwide sampling of them, We have not found any quality problems.

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