good technical innovation

good technical innovation

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<p>Third, good technical innovation In addition to the Internet era of convergence, interior paint companies must also do innovation. On the road of innovation, interior paint companies must first establish a mechanism to garden vinyl fence adapt to technological innovation and market economy, and centralized enterprise information technology, design, research, set up a technology research and development center, to achieve rational allocation of resources; at the same time, pay attention to marketing timely market information and customer needs, achieve effective convergence of technological innovation and the market.</p><p> From the environment point of view, glutinous rice plant FIG paint an accurate grasp of the Environment theme, subvert the traditional industry, location 'rice plant paint', without any build a deck seat bench Norway chemical additives, truly 'natural origin', completely change the traditional mode of chemical coatings industry .</p><p> Figure glutinous rice plant paint confident, all because it is inherited thousands of years the Great Wall of China 'rice mortar' technology, in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wacker laboratory, application of modern biotechnology in Germany, eight-year history, developed a high-tech, the original ecological , new interior paint powder decorative plants. Them, each a product from raw material purchase to production and other sectors abide Exterior Patio Non Skid Tile by health and environmental standards. In short, the interior wall paint companies continue to survive in the market, we must identify the market needs to do innovative work, and then adjust the strategic layout, to meet a better tomorrow.</p>
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