development of wood flooring

development of wood flooring

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Third, parquet pavement easy, but also easy to take care of maintenance, especially in the north, a thin multi-layer parquet is also well suited to hot for housing applications. Commendable that, despite the advantages of solid wood flooring and more,composite wood for stairs good performance, but its quality and market prices are relatively stable.

Currently, the price of solid wood flooring is 150 yuan / square meters from top to bottom, it is suitable for the level of consumption of wage prices for composite lumber Fourth, the starting point for the development of wood flooring, 2x4 white composite lumber good foundation. Product quality has reached or exceeded similar products in Europe.

China has formulated and promulgated the GBT18103 parquet quality standards, the level of its target with the European standards, or higher than the European. Fifth, the introduction of the original wood flooring is foreign advanced production lines,plastic wood floor backyard the scale of production capacity and considerable foreign, more than half of the products with a high concentration, the former domestic parquet production accounts for about 10 enterprise product production.
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