Wood flooring damage affecting appearance to see how to solv

Wood flooring damage affecting appearance to see how to solv

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<p>For home use wood floor consumers, if sometimes careless or improper use of wood floors, wood floors can lead to damage, affecting the overall appearance of wood flooring. Wood floors damaged how to do it? Today to introduce three methods to repair the wooden floor as well as how to properly take care of flooring it. First, how do damage to the wooden floor, three methods of repair. Wood floor repair can be divided into three types: paint repair local damage, heavy equipment repair, heavy equipment repair overall. </p>

<p>Home with wood floors or wood flooring, if localized damaged area is small, it can not repair, but you can hide by other furniture or carpets decoration items, if minor scratches, can ask the manufacturer's service personnel make home visits for paint repair; if the damaged area is large, deeper level, it is necessary to fix the partial destruction of resurfacing; then we must be serious overall resurfacing. Please finish better repair factory after-sales personnel to repair them, because most of the paints products, even at the restorative effects can not guarantee environmental standards. The manufacturers have specialized repair paint or gel product. Local damage repair mode will first need to replace the destroyed floor, then thoroughly removed. </p>

<p>First chisel floor short edges of a gap, and then to replace the floor surface to pry open with a saw, will be divided into small pieces on the floor removed, it is worth noting that the glue must take surrounding clean to install, when dealing with glue, can have a small piece of the new tenon floor sliding back and forth on the interface to find and remove traces of residual glue, to ensure that the floor appearance after the repair. Overall resurfacing no difference with the first pavement, first of all the original flooring pry, re-paving a new floor. Second, how to properly take care of wooden floors. Floor material is wood as a raw material, so the dry climate is easy to shrinkage or cracking. Once this happens, not only affects the appearance, if the home of the elderly or children may also be dangerous. </p>

<p>Therefore, in the winter you need extra attention to maintenance of the floor. We found that the problem must be solved in time. In everyday use, should regularly clean wood floors and keep clean the ground. When cleaning, first with a clean broom to sweep dust and debris, and then wrung cloth to wipe artificial, such as when the area is too large, you can wash cloth mop, and then hang up the water droplets drip dry for drag net ground. Cut can not be washed with water, do not use wet cloth or mop to clean up. If there is usually an aqueous substance spilled on the ground, it should immediately wipe with a dry cloth. These are repairing damage on the wooden floor of the three methods and describes how to properly take care of wooden floors. I hope you can help. If conditions permit, we can also play from time to time between the layer of floor wax to strengthen wood floor protection. If the paint is damaged, you can make your own with the ordinary varnish or ask the manufacturer for repair.</p>

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