Highway Pavement Maintenance

Highway Pavement Maintenance

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Highway maintenance work is an important measure of ensuring traffic quality and service levels. Article discusses the importance of road maintenance and technical requirements for common diseases and road maintenance measures were introduced, hoping to provide some reference to the road maintenance units and personnel.

With the rapid development of national economy, the role played by transport in the national economy increasingly significant. As an important part of public transport infrastructure, quality and operational condition of the road are more and more attention. To protect the quality of road operators, in addition to road construction to meet the relevant specification standards, completed and put into use in the road but also implement the necessary conservation measures. Through timely and effective maintenance treatment promptly restore damaged parts, maintenance, road user function and prolong the service life of the road, protect the safety and driving smooth road traffic, it is an important task of modern highway operation management.
1 Highway Maintenance Technical Requirements
With the increasing size of the transportation, road undertake the task of increasing pressure, road maintenance work requirements increases. Daily work, in addition to the general conservation of conventional, the technical standards for the construction of low sections, structures and facilities along the reinforcement, improvement and Tim built to improve the capacity and level of service roads. Combined with years of experience in engineering practice, the author of highway maintenance technical requirements are summarized as follows:
1.1 adhere to the "prevention first, combining prevention with control" principle, eliminate factors leading to road damage and prolong the life of facilities from the roots, improve the ability to resist natural disasters.
1.2 The implementation of conservation science, and actively promote the advanced technology, equipment and scientific management methods in road maintenance work.
1.3 adhere to the daily inspection and special inspection of the combination of good data collected, strengthen analysis and study of highway disease, and constantly develop new technologies and new measures.
1.4 adhere to economic development and environmental protection, the principle of balance, for existing engineering facilities, the local conditions that take steps necessary to meet the requirements and also guarantee economic benefits.
1.5 pairs of the original technical standards too low sections should be updated in order to improve service capacity roads.
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