I never thought that

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I never thought that

Postautor: ylq » 28 lis 2019, o 03:58

I never thought that one day I would fall in love with a kind of tea at first sight. The piece of tea was lying quietly in my palm, smiling sweetly: "I'm yours, and I will bring you my life to meet you for generations to come." Tartary buckwheat tea, rough tea clusters, can grab dozens or even Hundreds. When the tea of ??tartary buckwheat tea is not brewed, it is short and small, like unpolished mussel beads; its color is dark yellow, like osmanthus flowers to be sown in November; the aroma is very strong and dry, like fried rice. Just looking at the shape, it is difficult to relate to the traditional oriental tea. It is pitifully small and inconspicuous. When the water rushed, the tea immediately broke through the heavy barriers of the seal, unfolded the bloated body, and touched, entangled, bumped, and tumbled with the hot water. Finally tired and tired, letting go of my thoughts and falling into the arms of the water. The soothing tea leaves are as large as glutinous rice, the color is like the first jasmine in spring, and it turns into a honorable bright yellow, but there is no lack of black jade. The aroma lingers in the cool air-conditioned room with the heat of the tea. Like barley, brown rice, brown rice; but finer than barley, dreamier than brown rice, and more moist than brown rice. The water lit up suddenly, and my heart warmed up. At this moment, my eyes met with tea and melted in the bright yellow of the world. If we look forward fondly to every encounter with tea and water, there will always be infinite aura and surprises when the dream comes true. Zhuangzi met the butterfly in his dream, walking and walking, he broke the cocoon into a butterfly and flew into the blue sky; Ji Kang fell in love with the bamboo in the troubled times, and straightened Gao Jie from now on; A confidant took a sip of tea soup and learned how to taste tea Carton Of Cigarettes. "Drinking and drinking faint", all the laziness in the afternoon faded away; "Drinking my God again", if the silk is washed with water, it refreshes all at once; but the level of "three drinks will get Tao" is still not reached. The tongue is filled with tea, and the mouth is filled with tea, as if you can see the white and white buckwheat flowers blooming on both sides of the river bank through the wet and moist touch, shaking slightly in the white mist in the morning, white in the white, a movement, a quiet, a soft As soon as the truth disappeared, the heart suddenly cleared. Now my lips and teeth meet with the tea, lost in the world-wide cloud, the tea is getting stronger and stronger, as is the buckwheat tea. But what surprised me was that the tartary buckwheat tea can be brewed dozens of times without changing its aroma and the color becomes brighter, so I prefer to call it-tartary buckwheat fragrant tea. Someone may want to ask, what is the taste of bitter and fragrant. In fact, tartary buckwheat tea is not bitter at all, and if you ask why, you may have to go back to the same meaning as "the plum blossom comes from bitter cold." Buckwheat must be screened numerous times when it is made into tea, and all the dander that is peeled off or not tightly connected to the body is sieved out, and then fried in a pot, thereby turning into dark yellow particles. Every collision with the sieve is painful suffering; every fight with the shovel is unbearable. This is the process of transition from freedom to pain, and also the process of ugliness to beauty. It is also a process of bitterness and fragrance: only the taste is known to them. So why is it called tartary buckwheat tea? The incense is for people to taste, and the bitterness is left to one's own. People in the older generation do not often say that peace is in danger, and it is sweet to remember it! Have you ever seen, smelled, and eaten fragrant tea? This wonderful feeling always reminds me of a person-grandma. She is a typical rural woman who loves wearing black clothes with broken flowers. She has been working in the sun for a long time. Her yellow and black skin is like bitter buckwheat tea. The conditions in the country are poor. I don't like to spend the night in my hometown Marlboro Gold. Every time I go back to my hometown, I hurried over and hurried back. But whether I greeted me with a smile, whispered, or ignored, she saw me happier than anyone. It's like the tartary buckwheat tea encounters water, whether it is cold water or hot water, even if it is washed a thousand times, it is still unchanged. Perhaps, in her heart, as long as it is water, as long as it is met, it is always good. I thought, if one day I live in my hometown, will the tea be happy to come out. Anyway, I am in love with her Marlboro Lights, anyway, I am in love with it. Since I am fortunate enough to meet, let me refill a good pot of tea for you and repay all the outstanding causes.

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Re: I never thought that

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Re: I never thought that

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