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Have you considered starting your own internet retail business? Whether you have an existing shop working on the high street or are just considering working from home Harry Kane Jersey , online retail stores can often prove to be hugely successful, with much fewer overheads. However, if this idea does sound appealing it must be approached with caution. Whilst the figures will tell you that a billion pounds is spent online every day and that the internet is the fastest way to make a fortune, it is best not to get too excited just yet there are many pitfalls waiting for you if you re not careful.

Let s consider the situation from the point of view of someone who already has an existing retail store in town. This can prove to be an advantage in many respects because the business is already set up and running, the accounts are in order, the stock is catalogued, the brand has been created and the business name feel have already been thought through. There s also the advantage that the website can be promoted from within the store as well.

However, it can also prove to be detrimental and limiting. From finding an appropriate domain name to creating a website which represents the store, there are any number of decisions that must be made. But above all the biggest challenge, and the one most often ignored, is how to market the online store. This is such an obvious aspect, yet so frequently overlooked. How many times have you seen a small, possibly family run high street store advertise a website, and when you ve visited that website, it s little more than a business card for the real shop?

Assuming you re paying for hosting, and possibly even paying someone to design the site for you, that works out as an expensive business card. Not only that Raheem Sterling Jersey , but if you re directing customers to it, all you re really doing is directing them away from your shop to your business card. Shouldn t it work the other way around?

The truth is that marketing an online retail store is quite different to marketing a store on the high street. Trying to squeeze a high street store into a website effectively is rarely successful, and even some of the bigger high street names have got it wrong initially. The problem is that your high street store has been marketed to appeal to the local people who happen to pass by the shop window. Websites don t work that way. In fact, websites don t even try to appeal to real human beings to begin with.

But surely real human beings are the ones you are trying to attract? They re the ones who place orders and have the money after all? This is to ignore the way the internet works. Publishing your website will not instantly generate thousands of visitors a day. In fact, if you publish a website you will be very lucky to have even a single visitor in your first month unless you market it properly.

Marketing a retail store online means thinking about the search engines and working to their rules. The vast majority of people looking for a product or service online start by typing in a search in one of the major search engines such as Google or Yahoo. From the many thousands or millions or results, the first page, usually consisting of ten results, will be the only one which will be looked at by 60 of people.

This means that for your retail store to be successful, you need to make sure that you have optimized it appropriately to match the keywords that people are likely to use to search for the sort of products you re offering. By doing this it will be your task to get your website on to that first page of results and then, and only then, will you start to see an influx of visitors and an increase in sales.

So what about those people who do not have an existing retail store, and are looking to set one up from scratch? This is an entirely different ball game because there is massive scope for flexibility. Have a look at the numerous retail franchises available. They will give you ideas as to what is out there and what is working.
If you re considering setting up an online store, a good idea is to start with the search engines and find out what people are looking for. Identifying niche markets where there are few results, but a regular quantity of searches gives you the best chance to have your retail store appear high up the search results listing, and therefore more likely to attract visitors.

There are a number of ways and tools to carry out this keyword search analysis, too many to cover in this article, but there is a substantial amount of information already on the web. Marketing a store on the internet is very different to high street marketing Ross Barkley Jersey , and being aware if this is the first step to making your virtual retail store a real success.
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