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he princess birthday party Juan Carlos Valenzuela Jersey , which Silly Sally, the fairy godmother and childrens entertainer runs is always fun. The children at kids parties just love princess parties. All the princesses get to help Silly Sally practice her magic, because sometimes she is a bit forgetful. Then everyone plays a game that involves touching the ground when the music stops. The quickest princess gets a balloon. Of course the birthday princess gets a balloon without having to make any effort. It is her birthday after all. All the beautiful princesses then do some lovely dancing and the most beautiful dancer gets a balloon as well. Of course the birthday girl is first again. There are so many ways to win balloons that soon everyone has a special balloon. Then its time to win some more prizes by playing pass the parcel. After that the princesses have to ready themselves for the princess ball by getting their glitter hairspray and make up on. While Silly Sally is covering everyone in magic fairy dust, all the princesses get a chance to sing and then its off to the ball, where the rest of the princess birthday party is danced away to the birthday princesss favourite music.
Sometimes Silly Sally has to stay in fairytale land for a princess birthday party with Cinderella and Belle or Jasmin and Snow White or some of the other princesses in fairytale land that she simply cant miss. Other times, because she is one of the most popular childrens party entertainers Jose de Jesus Corona Jersey , she has to drop in at kids parties elsewhere. When that happens, Silly Sally sends one of her princess friends, who are also great children s entertainers ,from fairytale land to the kids parties that she cant get to.
Silly Sally can also turn up at a party waving a sword and being a silly pirate called Captain Sally Silver. Captain Silver is being followed by a bad bunch of pirates who keep trying to mess up the birthday party. Its up to all the pirates at these kids parties to help her out and figure out how to deal with them. Luckily Captain Sally Silver knows a bit of magic and, with the help of all the pirates at the party, she soon has those pirates walking the plank into a shark infested sea. Then the pirates at the party can rest easy knowing that nobody is going to try to steal their treasure when they play pass the treasure or touch the silver. Everyone is transformed into a pirate with the help of face paint and pirate sword balloons and pirate hat balloons.
Silly Sally also loves turning up at kids parties dressed as a clown for clown parties.She can be very silly indeed with this costume on. In fact she is often found mixing up boys and girls Jesus Manuel Corona Jersey , blowing her nose accidentally into knickers that someone mysteriously left in her pocket and generally making everyone, including herself, laugh. She is a very funny children s clown and soon everyone is helping out at the clown party with the magic tricks, which Silly Sally the clown does in a very silly way. She seems to get everything mixed up. She even thinks that her brain isnt in her head. It seems to keep traveling around her body. Is it in her knee? Her ear? Oh where is it now?
Everyone at the kids parties gets a special balloon. Of course the birthday boy or birthday girl is first again as its their special day. The kids get balloons for being the silliest dancers or for touching the ground when the music stops. Then there are more prizes for pass the parcel. Sometimes the children at clown parties get to sing into Silly Sallys microphone. Then everyone gets their face painted and when the whole room is transformed into perhaps a tiger, or spider man or a princess or a butterfly Silly Sallys work is almost done. Soon everyone at the clown party is running around being a tiger or spider man or a princess or a butterfly and walking their poodle balloon or having jumping mouse competitions with their jumping mouse balloons. Then sadly Silly Sally has to go and feed the elephants in the circus and off she goes, but not before she sings a very special Happy Birthday song.
Silly Sally can also transform herself in Disco Diva for her disco parties or themed parties. It might be a high school musical party or some other such theme. At these kids parties Javier Hernandez Jersey , everyone is turned into a dancing queen by Disco Diva as she weaves her way around the dance floor, spraying glitter hairspray and dabbing on the glitter. There are balloon prizes for the best dancers and also pass the parcel prizes. Everyone gets to sing and take part in the dance competition. Disco Diva might even do some magic tricks which were part of her interval act back in the day. Then its time for Disco Diva to head back into the glamorous world of rock and roll where she will be performing at a very large venue near you.
Sometimes Silly Sally is busy trying to figure out where her brain is today, or buying a new toilet brush, which she thinks is a magic wand. She may even be dropping into see her friends at another party. When she is, she can send her clown friends, who have lots of experience as childrens entertainers Javier Guemez Jersey , round to your housevenue to bring hilarity and jollity to any occasion.
To contact Silly Sally or to find out about weekday party reductions, recent price cuts and special offers and how to book a party please call Brid at 087 4117843 or check out Silly Sallys website www.sillysally.ie
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