I view the Nike Free 3.0 as a great choice

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I view the Nike Free 3.0 as a great choice

Postautor: tttiiippp52 » 26 wrz 2016, o 05:17

I found France Chaussures Nike Air Max the Kiger hard to place regarding the ride. On one hand it does feel somewhat responsive and quick and on the other I felt it was somewhat soft compared to what I’m used to. Shaving the heel off did help the stability of the ride in the heel on uneven ground. I’d also say the softness is less noticeable on very hard pack trails, and is almost welcome on pavement. I guess this reaction is probably due to my experience with and bias towards firm and responsive shoes.

The ride of the Wildhorse 3 is comfortable, but the shoe isn’t quite as nimble as v2. I can feel the added weigh Obrazek t and structure, but that combo also makes me feel a bit more protected on the trail. It’s a typical tradeoff that you deal with in trail shoes – lighter and nimbler vs. sturdier and more protective. As with the previous version, the Wildhorse 3 is capable of handling roads as well, though with a full coverage, lugged outsole it’s definitely more at home on softer ground.

Given the above features, I view the Nike Free 3.0 as a great choice as a transitional shoe if you’re thinking about working your way down to running barefoot or in an extremely minimalist shoe like the Vibram Fivefingers. Some disagree with this approach, saying that going barefoot from the start is the best approach so tha Chaussures Nike Air Max Hommes t immediate sensory feedback from your feet can prevent you from doing too much, too soon, but the transitional approach worked well for me, and I have managed to avoid any serious injuries so far while running in Vibrams over the past 8-10 months (I should point out that although I’ve tried barefoot running, I’m not a barefoot runner). The important thing to remember with any new shoe, and with minimalist shoes in particular, is to not overdo it – give your feet and legs time to adjust to these shoes Chaussures Nike Air Max Femmes , and resist the urge to do too much, too soon.
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