Of course, if you want to become a

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Of course, if you want to become a

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Of course, if you want to become a writer is not easy, it is not so easy to realize your ideals. ��There is no difficulty in the world, but you are afraid of people.�� This is a good statement. How can it be unsuccessful if you try hard? Even if it fails, "failure is the mother of success." Fail, stand up, fall again, and stand up again. Lincoln was able to become president because of his perseverance Marlboro Red 100S.Therefore, in order to become a writer, I must read a lot of literature works Newport 100S. Of course, the light cannot be read. It can be described as not reading and writing. I must read down the good words, think more Carton Of Marlboro Reds, read more books, and insist on it. Write a diary every day Parliament Cigarettes, perseverance, I imagine I will be successful.My father has a serious face, but there is a kind heart that will always love me. am a girl with vanity. Dad goes back and forth every morning and evening and wears a special old dress. It doesn��t look very good. Every time I open a parent conference, I will make all sorts of reasons to stop my dad. I always say, ��Dad, you go back and forth every morning and evening, it��s hard to come by. You can take a break from home at your leisure. Let your mother go with me.�� On the surface, I advised Daddy to rest. In fact, I was afraid that my father would make me ugly and let the students laugh at me. But every time I brought back a certificate of merit Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, Dad always remembered, "My daughter is awesome." But I didn't feel touched by this sentence. I always feel that everything my dad does is It should be.Last spring, my father had emphysema and was always lying in bed, but whenever I returned home from school, my father could never forget to say, "I'll be back." I would also say a word. The more my father is, the more embarrassing I feel. Finally one day, I ran to my dad and my tears burst into tears. I said, "Dad, I'm sorry. I was wrong. I shouldn't organize you to attend a parent meeting. Dad, you know, how sorry I am, you won't let I am ugly, you will not let me be ridiculed. You are always in love with me, you are my pride." Dad looked at me, tears swirled in the eyes, did not say a word, just smiled.I especially hope that my father will be able to get well soon.
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