n the journey of life, there are successes

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n the journey of life, there are successes

Postautor: ylq » 30 cze 2018, o 02:49

n the journey of life, there are successes and failures. There are joys and sorrows. I remember that when I was very young, I experienced a successful thing. I deeply stamped the seal in my heart. I can't forget it for a long time..At a very young age, my grandmother and my mother told me to cook and get food and do housework Newport Cigarettes Website... I am sure that no one believes in cooking techniques and before, because my current cooking skills are in the past Newport Cigarettes. The difference is that you can even compare with your mother..During the first cooking, perhaps no one knew how embarrassed I was Wholesale Cigarettes. The first time rice was washed, the rice was sprinkled out. How could it not work? I had to take rice to feed the chicken. I was not the kind of quitting. People, I washed rice again, because I learned the lessons of rice in front of me, so I carefully put the rice in a pot, covered the basin with a pot, drained the water out, and oh, rice did not come out, I Put the rice in the pot, pour a lot of water, plug in the electricity, and let it cook, but after a long time Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I found no steam in the pot. I didn't know what was going on. I took a close-up look. It was because the rice cooker was warming up. Hey, it was fun. Then I pressed the rice cooker to cook it and let it boil. After a while, finally, I was angry, but, taking a breath and returning to the air, I opened my eyes and saw it as 'porridge'. I was terrified and feared that my mother would blame her. I crept the 'porridge' in a pot....However, after all, the paper couldn't hold the fire or was discovered by my mother. My mother did not scold me, but carefully guided me to cook again. My mother told me gently how much water should be placed. How should I adjust the rice cooker? ... I learned a lot. I had the lessons and experiences of the previous cooking Marlboro Menthol 100S, and the methods taught by my mother. Then I tried again. The second time it was a success. My mother always praised me for learning faster. With great help, I have gained the joy of success!
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