have a vision that is great and close at hand. I have alway

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have a vision that is great and close at hand. I have alway

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have a vision that is great and close at hand. I have always put this ideal in my heart and I have said to myself all the time: "My ideal is to be a writer Newport Cigarettes Website."When I was a child, I often read through story books. I feel that the stories in them are like a beautiful and short-lived rainbow Newport Cigarettes Price. I always can't help but sing praises. I can't help but cry over the very few stories inside. I love to enter the realm of the book and walk with the author into the imaginary and beautiful world. A different, more cuddly world. Sometimes it is eager to read, sunsets kiss the horizon Carton Of Marlboro Reds, and people in the silent night sky, beautiful songs have failed to save me from another world.When I grew up, about the third or fourth grade, I thought that reading books was always lacking in taste. So I began to use my imagination and imagined a very small thing: a drop of water fell from the sky. I imagined the tears of an angel. It may be that she was so sad that she couldn't help falling tears. On the wall, strange patterns, I think this may be the legendary treasures, or it may be the seal of monsters Wholesale Cigarettes. During the day, more and more are waiting for me to imagine.��Everyone��s life is a small boat. Ideally it is a boat��s sail.�� So I wanted to be an ordinary and great author. I want to travel, I want to imagine what I��ve been and I��ll feel In words, written on paper, written in composition, let everyone appreciate, and walk with me into the wonderful world How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, although short and meaningful.
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