will be permitted to run to its conclusion, including award

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will be permitted to run to its conclusion, including award

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LeBron James has made Boston’s TD Garden his personal playground during the playoffs in recent years.

The Cleveland Cavaliers entered the Eastern Conference finals with a 9-3 record against the Celtics in games played at the Garden over the last four years Cowboys Mike White Jersey , including six straight wins.

James’ 979 postseason points against Boston were the most by any player against any opponent in the last 50 years. And his 21 playoff wins against the Celtics were also the most against them during that span.

But none of that mattered Sunday in Boston’s dominating 108-83 win over Cleveland in Game 1 , in which James committed seven turnovers while being held to just 15 points, nine assists and seven rebounds.

It would be solid night for most NBA players, but was pedestrian by the super-human standard that LeBron has set for himself this postseason, at times single-handedly carrying the Cavs to victories.

But he was clear that his concern level down being 1-0 was ”zero.”

”I didn’t go to college, so it’s not March Madness,” he said. ”You see ways you can get better throughout the series. But I’ve been down 0-1, I’ve been down 0-2. I’ve been down before in the postseason.

”But for me, there’s no level of concern no matter how bad I played tonight with seven turnovers, how inefficient I was shooting the ball. … We have another opportunity to be better as a ballclub come Tuesday night and we’ll see what happens.”

James said the Celtics deserved credit for the defensive strategy they employed against him, which started with Marcus Morris challenging him from outset, limiting him to 2-of-6 shooting in the first quarter as Cleveland fell into a 36-18 hole.

”I think they had a great game plan in Game 1, and he was the start of it Frank Ragnow Lions Jersey ,” James said. ”He was my matchup and I think they did a great job of communicating throughout the whole game, knowing where I was and all of my teammates was. (Celtics coach) Brad (Stevens) did a great job.”

”We have an opportunity to look at some film tomorrow and see ways they was making us uncomfortable.”

The Celtics showed James several different looks throughout the game, switching as many as five different players on him.

Morris, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart and Aron Baynes all took turns guarding James at times. Boston frequently sent a double team when he got the ball in the post. It forced him to settle for jump shots early and limited his ability to get to the rim.

That in turn kept James from creating shots for his teammates. For the game Cleveland was outscored by 18 points with James on the floor.

”We are just going to try to make it as tough for him as we can,” Rozier said. ”The other guys, obviously, (Kevin) Love and J.R. Smith, we don’t want to give them open looks. … That has been a big emphasis the last couple of days. We did a good job of that and we just have to keep it up.”

When the Cavs did finally show a little momentum, cutting Boston’s lead to 14 at the end of the third quarter, the Celtics responded with a 7-0 run at the start of the fourth.

James was asked afterward what happened during that flurry and he responded with a verbatim recitation of each play Authentic Orlando Brown Jr. Jersey , down to Tatum’s coast-to-coast layup off a Eurostep move in the lane.

When he was finished James leaned back in his chair, spread his arms and wryly said, ”There you go.”

The NFL’s new rule outlawing a player from lowering his head to initially make any sort of hit with his helmet likely will be included in replay reviews for officials.

That has not been decided yet, but Commissioner Roger Goodell and competition committee chairman Rich McKay made it clear Wednesday that video reviews probably will be part of the process.

”If we’re able to have replay confirm one of these fouls and also confirms a player be ejected,” Goodell said as the league meetings concluded, ”I think there is more confidence among the coaches it will be called accurately.”

After noting the unanimous approval of the new rule among coaches, Goodell said on-field officials felt the same way.

”We think that is appropriate to do and it would be the first time we use replay for safety or in respect to any kind of foul,” Goodell added.

Late Tuesday, the owners rewrote the rule on using the helmet, making it a 15-yard penalty for any player to lower his head to initiate any hit with the helmet. McKay called it ”a significant change,” noting that it was a ”technique too dangerous for the player doing it and the player being hit.”

While the offender could be disqualified, owners did not call for an automatic ejection on such a play – at least not yet. In college football, when a player is penalized for targeting and a replay review affirms it Brian Urlacher Bears Jersey , he is ejected.

Including replay will be discussed and very possibly implemented at the NFL’s May meetings in Atlanta, where another full agenda will include discussions of changes to the league’s national anthem policy; the potential sale of the Carolina Panthers; and awarding the 2019 and 2020 drafts to two of the five finalist cities.

Before then, Goodell stressed that the workings of the new helmet use rule will be made clear to the players, and there will be further discussions on the standards to go from disqualifying a player to fines and possibly suspensions.

”Our intent is to go to each team with tape and all the analysis work done (by the football operations, technology and medical staffs) and be able to present it to them,” Goodell said, adding it will be ”all hands on deck” in the educational process.

”We can take the head out, and we do want to make sure certain techniques are not used in our game. I am confident in the next few months (players) will understand it.”

Like the coaches, the owners were emphatically behind the change.

”We’ve done so much research and investigation on what creates the real concussive plays in the NFL,” Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said, ”and it became obvious that so many of the plays are through the lowering of the helmet and using the helmet as a weapon. I thought this (rule) was very important.”

Asked about the Rooney Rule and criticism of the Raiders in how they hired Jon Gruden as coach, Goodell said the league will look at it ”and see if we can improve it, absolutely.” Oakland was found to have not violated the rule that requires minority candidates to be interviewed for head coaching and executive positions.


-Goodell said any findings in the investigation of the behavior of Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson will be made public once the probe is concluded. There is no timetable for that.

Richardson has been accused of workplace misconduct and in December said he was selling the team.

The league hopes a buyer can be found in the next few weeks Broncos Authentic Jerseys , vetted and then presented for approval at the May meetings.

-While there were discussions in Orlando about the NFL’s national anthem policy, Goodell said the focus was more on implementing social justice platforms in tandem with the players. Potential changes to that policy could come in May.

-Owners passed two more rules changes.

Most noteworthy, the league eliminated the requirement that a team that scores a winning touchdown at the end of regulation kick the extra point or go for a 2-point conversion.

In a January playoff game that Minnesota memorably won on a final pass play, New Orleans players were required to return to the field after leaving for a meaningless extra point. The Vikings took a knee.

Of course, bettors and fantasy players could have a stake in the PAT, but neither participating team did, particularly now that points scored or points differential is so low in any tiebreaking procedures.

The owners also approved closing an overtime loophole that could have been embarrassing had it ever occurred.

Now, if the team that gets the ball first scores a field goal, then the opponent loses possession by an interception or fumble on its first series, the down will be permitted to run to its conclusion, including awarding points scored by either team during the down.

Previously, the turnover ended the game regardless – even though the team getting the takeaway conceivably could itself turn over the ball on that play and see it returned for a score by the opponent.

Got it?

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Re: will be permitted to run to its conclusion, including aw

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Re: will be permitted to run to its conclusion, including aw

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