BA scraps service to Chinese city cited by airport expansion

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BA scraps service to Chinese city cited by airport expansion

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BA scraps service to Chinese city cited by airport expansionists

Chengdu was where British business would fly to and build trade links if only Heathrow was big enough, according to prominent backers of airport expansion.

But less than three years after British Airways found a Heathrow slot to fly to the Chinese megacity, and on the eve of a decision to build a new runway, the airline has dropped the route because it is not commercially viable.石家荘から上海航空券

BA launched direct flights to Chengdu, its fourth Chinese destination, in late 2013, and ran return flights five times a week. Even after having trimmed down the frequency and switched to a smaller, Boeing 787 plane, BA has confirmed that the service will end this January.

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Before it announced the new service, the lack of links to Chengdu had been highlighted by Heathrow and politicians as a major example of how capacity constraints at the airport were stopping Britain connecting to the world, especially to “emerging markets”. However, it now appears few people want to fly there.

Launching Heathrow’s first submission to the Airports Commission in November 2012, the airport’s chief executive, Colin Matthews, said a lack of capacity was limiting Britain’s ability to connect to growing cities in emerging markets, such as Chengdu in China.
Two months earlier, the lack of direct flights to Chengdu was highlighted in an intervention from senior Conservatives that prompted the then prime minister, David Cameron, to set up Sir Howard Davies’s commission and pave the way for expansion.

In the opening line of an article demanding whether Cameron was “man or mouse”, MP Tim Yeo wrote: “What better way to kickstart Britain’s sluggish economy than by boosting trade with China? Perhaps with Chongqing, with 28 million consumers, many enjoying rising incomes. Or Chengdu, with 14 million.”
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