Tampa Bay is coming off a 30-27 loss on Monday night against

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Tampa Bay is coming off a 30-27 loss on Monday night against

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The team simply couldn’t overcome the four turnovers in the first half. For a couple minutes in the fourth quarter Authentic Mike Evans Jersey , it looked like “Fitzmagic” was about to break the internet, but the comeback fell just short.With Jameis Winston returning from suspension today, the big question surrounding the Buccaneers, is “who will be their starting quarterback come Sunday at Chicago?” As expected, Head Coach Dirk Koetter didn’t give any clues during his day after press conference regarding the team’s quarterback situation. “It’s great to see Jameis back in the building and he was here early and working hard. He assured me that he was ready to go, which I don’t doubt that for a minute,” Koetter said. “We know what we are going to do, both guys know what we are going to do. I hope everyone can appreciate that it doesn’t do us any good to tell our opponents what we are going to do.”It’s a tough call for the staff to make. Fitzpatrick, is the only quarterback in history to throw for 400 yards in three straight games, but Jameis Winston gives this team the best chance to win football games. I would lean towards starting Fitz right now because of how well he is playing, but Winston can not ride the bench for the next month. He needs to be the week six starter, at the latest. One positive for the Buccaneers last night was the performance of rookie cornerback Carlton Davis III. Davis, was matched up against arguably the best receiver in the NFL for much of the night in Antonio Brown. Koetter came away impressed with Davis and sees the progression from week one.“First off, I though Carlton Davis was outstanding in the game. I think for the guys he was having to cover Youth Kwon Alexander Jersey , he showed no fear, the game wasn’t too big for him,” Koetter said. “He played a lot of press coverage and got right up in their face.”With the season-ending injury to Chris Conte, the Buccaneers will likely have three rookie players starting every week in the secondary, so there will absolutely be growing pains with this secondary. On the other side of the spectrum, one negative game note was that Tampa Bay was simply not productive on the kick return game. The Steelers were forcing Tampa Bay to run it back and they failed every time. It feels like it’s been a franchise long problem for this team, and they haven’t been able to figure out how to get that consistent return man. The Buccaneers currently rank last in the league in kick returns. Koetter acknowledged the problem today. “We were very poor in that last night. Our biggest issue last night was that our returner and blockers weren’t on the same page,” Koetter said. “We were blocking one way and returning it the other and that’s just not going to work. That was disappointing and obviously Pittsburgh challenged us to bring the ball out.”You can understand a miscommunication on a kickoff here or there, but for it to happen every time last night, and seemingly every game, is a bit concerning and something that needs to be corrected moving forward. Teams will continue to do what the Steelers did to them last night until Tampa proves it can counter back.It will be a short week for Tampa Bay in terms of recovery time, but the team will travel to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears on Sunday at 1pm. Time will tell on who is the starting quarterback, as well as if the issues from this week will be corrected during practice.Final Grades: Buccaneers vs Bears Soooo, who’s ready for the bye week?I certainly need a week off after that excuse for a football game. From the moment that both teams took the field http://www.buccaneersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-donovan-smith-jersey , the Bucs had no chance to win. Now they get two weeks to try and figure out what went wrong and how to stop it. No one wants to relive this past Sunday, but we are going to do so one more time in this week’s final grades. OffenseEasily the worst offensive performance of the season, Tampa Bay couldn’t get anything going outside of a couple of big passes to DeSean Jackson and one touchdown drive in the fourth quarter after they were already down 45-3.It was a shell of the offensive powerhouse we had seen over the last two and a half games. Now, a lot of that has to do with the Bears’ defensive excellence, but it also feels like Tampa Bay didn’t make the necessary corrections after their loss to the Steelers.Questionable calls such as the decision to pull Ali Marpet in order to block him one-on-one surrounded the coaching staff. The result of the play was an interception after Mack destroyed Marpet and was able to hit Jameis Winston’s arm as he threw the ball, causing the ball to flutter in the air. The Bucs couldn’t get a ground attack going for the third straight game. They only converted 33% of their red zone trips. For the second straight week, they were negated in the turnover department. These were all issues that cropped up against the Steelers and then magnified by the Bears. Brian Baldinger does a great job breaking down Tampa Bay’s ineptitude on offense with a good mix of when the Bears’ defense was responsible for blowing up plays. I highly recommend you give it a watch.It was an all-out catastrophe that took a group effort on Sunday.If this offense continues to perform like this, then it’s going to be a very long season. Final Grade: 0.0 (F)DefenseDid you watch the game? If you weren’t able to, did you look at the score?This isn’t lazy writing, this is pure honesty. Tampa Bay’s defense was garbage in every facet of the game. That’s all you need to know. Final Grade: 0.0 (F)Special TeamsWhen the special teams got their chance to play, they did well. Catanzaro made all of his kicks for the second straight week. Even though he only had two opportunities, each made kick is a boost of confidence. Two of his three kickoffs went for touchbacks, as well. Do I dare say he is becoming - gasp - reliable?The coverage units did a very good job, but the return game lacked for the second straight week. Not that it will lose you games Gerald McCoy Jersey , but the Bucs need to find some sort of spark in that area in case they run into another trap like they did in Chicago. Bryan Anger had a decent day, averaging a net 40 on his punts, but he still has a long way to go if he wants to break into the top ten. Final Grade: 3.0 (B)CoachingDirk Koetter said it best after the game that he thought everyone on the staff should be fired, starting with himself. This staff - especially the offensive side - got off to a pretty good start for the first two games of the season, but it seems like now they are right back where they left off in 2017. Mike Smith’s scheme is terrible and needs to be fixed. What’s even worse is that the players seem like they don’t even know what the hell is going on most of the time. There were at least four blown coverages against the Bears.Is there any hope left for Mike Smith?Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsThe offense, while still the backbone, has now struggled for six of the last eight quarters. Todd Monken and Koetter must find ways to elevate the offense. The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time. They will get an extra week to regroup and try to fix the issues this team currently has. What will be even more telling is what happens in Atlanta next weekend. If the Bucs blow this game in the usual fashion that has been witnessed over the past two and a half years, then there may be some major shakeups sooner rather than later. Final Grade: 0.0 (F)Overall Grade: 0.75 (F)Without a doubt, this is the lowest grade I’ve given in two seasons of writing for SB Nation. This was one of the worst games for the Bucs in recent memory and there have been a ton of bad ones to recount. Bad coaching, a lack of execution, and miscommunication all played a pivotal role in an embarrassing loss. There was a lot riding on this game. If you’re a fan, you have to be wondering about whether this team really wants it or not after watching them play like this after a tough loss. Overall Grade For The 2018 Season: 2.38 (C)
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