At that time, I was inspired

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At that time, I was inspired

Postautor: ylq » 4 sty 2019, o 11:27

At that time, I was inspired by one side of the table, it was me; the opposite was the teacher who taught me to play chess from childhood; in the middle, it was a game of chess. I confronted the teacher and tried to find the answer to life. This game, I really want to win. The first step Marlboro 100'S Online, how to go? I can't move, the master said: "The first step is good, you can set the overall situation." Where am I going? Yes, where am I going? The road ahead seems to have been blocked by the fog. I stare at the window, and the mottled one can see that a lonely shadow is calling me. Who is he, the god of luck, or the god of luck? I am lost Cheapest Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. Go, the road still has to go! How can I stand still because of fear? The piece of chess "ž" fell. The war soon entered a state of white heat, and it was difficult to solve the problem of black and white on the chessboard. However, I can see that I have been at a disadvantage. My "one big dragon" has been in crisis, and an aggressive murderous force has forced me. What should I do? Yes, what should I do? The road ahead is undoubtedly full of risks, but if I want to keep this "big dragon", I have to take this dangerous road Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes. I can't go back, only to go all out. Maybe I will be bruised and bruised. Maybe I will try my best, but I will only have the chance to win if I try my best. I calm down and the chess piece is firmly falling... "ž", the last piece falls, I lose, that big After all, the dragon did not escape the fate of being encircled. I lost. The heart is already blank, and my heart is cold Cheap Marlboro 100. All self-confidence seems to disappear in an instant and will never come back Newport 100S Cigarettes Online. How can the change of the look escape the teacher's eyes. "I lost." I smiled bitterly. "Yeah, you lost again." The teacher paused a little, and the wise eyes swept over me and said, "But this is just a game of chess. The chess of life can never be finished in one set." Looking at the teacher, "The teacher is saying..." The teacher said while packing the pieces: "There are many chess games, confusing and ever-changing, such as the stars in the sky are dazzling. In fact, everyone will lose, and will win, what is important Look at winning or losing, but also know how to win. In the future, there are still many models waiting for you to go down, and work hard!" Teacher's words, such as waking up, my heart suddenly opens; life is like chess, black and white, there are Lose and win, never give up! I did not expect that the problem that plagued me for a long time was solved in a mold. At that time, I was very inspired. I used to have classes in my life, playing chess, and learning the principles!
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