Real Madrid explode in opposition of VAR

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Real Madrid explode in opposition of VAR

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The halfway point of the LaLiga Santander season will arrive next weekend, เว็บ พนัน บอล yet the entire narrative in Spain has been surrounding the use of VAR.At the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid fans were incensed that the VAR was not consulted after Vinicius Junior was tripped by Geronimo Rulli as he got away from the Real Sociedad goalkeeper; at the Estadio Coliseum Alfonso Perez, however, Getafe felt hard done by as Jaime Mata's goal against Barcelona was incorrectly disallowed for a supposed foul on Barcelona defender Clement Lenglet by Angel Rodriguez.Los Blancos midfielder Luka Modric revealed that he had been told by Melero Lopez, the referee in charge of VAR, that it was not a penalty, while Munuera Montero, the referee on the pitch, claimed not to have seen it.The technology is what it is, but it has gaps; it is there to see what the referee does not and, if Modric's comments are correct, Munuera Montero was told that he was correct in his decision.Sergio Ramos was very frustrated after the match, too, claiming that the referee should have had a look at the incidents." เว็บ พนัน บอล The penalties [on Ramos and Vinicius] are clear," he said."Vinicius' is an outrage; at least whistle and consult [VAR]."You put your hands on your head and have to think."Understandably Madrid are furious that the Vinicius penalty incident, which occurred with Real Sociedad 1-0 ahead, was missed and they are subsequently filing a complaint to the federation.From the first matchday to the last, VAR has been there to clear up errors - it just needs to be consulted.Real Madrid-Leganes: Benzema's goal after VARKarim Benzema scored a header to give Los Blancos a 2-0 lead but referee Jaime Latre disallowed it after seeing the linesman's flag; after seeing the pictures though, he could clearly see that Benzema was onside and the goal stood.Real Madrid-Espanyol: Asensio assisted by VARReferee Mateu Lahoz initially disallowed Marco Asensio's goal, the only goal of the game, as he thought it was offside, but after seeing the pictures he corrected his error and allowed the goal.Sevilla-Real Madrid: Modric's goal disallowed by VARLuka Modric was able to pull one goal back for Madrid away to Sevilla, which would have made it 3-1, but VAR was consulted by referee Hernandez Hernandez and he could see that the Croatian was offside, so the goal did not stand.Real Madrid-Atletico: The controversial hand of CasemiroThe derby ended in some controversy as referee Munuera Montero, who is at the centre of the Vinicius scandal, did not consult VAR after Casemiro seemingly touched the ball with his hand as it was deemed to be an involuntary action, meaning that the technology should not be consulted.Real Madrid-Levante: VAR saves the referee on two occasionsThe first time VAR was used in this game was to see if Raphael Varane's foul was inside the box or not, which it was, and the second correctly disallowed Asensio's offside goal. เว็บ พนัน บอล
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