f Xinfan. The saplings

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f Xinfan. The saplings

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f Xinfan. The saplings have not yet been set, but they are patchwork. Listening to Teacher Chen explained that these small saplings are blueberry trees that have just been planted. He pointed to a tree nearby, which is a mature blueberry tree. In the past few years, the impact of blueberries has been very large. Every April and May, a variety of small cars have visited a group of guests. In order to expand the scale, they have newly opened up these hills and willows. Only when I was near, I found someone on both sides of the road. Tall and dense branches of trees cover these very beautiful cottages. Among the many buildings, the scale is the Blueberry Management Center. I really want to visit this base Zheng teacher, how come you? Is it very different from the year? "The person who spoke has been in his sixties Marlboro Lights, and I can recognize it at a glance. He was the deputy secretary of the village, and the director of the Huangshan Forest Farm. You see, he is full of spirits and full of color. "Old secretary, your spirit is not diminished. what! It��s a blessing to have such a look! "I should be with you." It is winter. This prosperous scene can apply for a tourist attraction. I heard that, the old secretary laughed and opened the flower, like a child. "Today at noon, eat here, please drink blueberry wine, very fitness. "I really want to be a guest here, the secretary is so gracious. However, we went to school together and the principal was ready. "I grabbed the secretary's hand and held it tightly. Although we have a certain distance, it is as intimate as the classmates. The old secretary introduced me to the development of the village and the blueberry base, and also introduced the future. Planning the prospects. I heard this, I realized the different feelings of a grassroots cadre Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Again and again, the old secretary is still rumored to say goodbye to the Chinese meal and invite us to continue eastward. I chose a forked road and walked a long way. I saw a lot of farmers planting blueberries there, and there are many procedures. Digging, fertilizing, one at a time, then stacking a white-gray substance, covering the mulch, and planting the seedlings for a while. Approaching one place, again Seeing a few very familiar people, there are teachers around the age of 70, Mr. Zheng Cheap Cigarettes, rare customers! Come and see the blueberries!" Although I can not call out what the old man called, but the voice and face are still fresh. The old man is good, you are very hard! "I don't know what words to use to express the mood at this time." Teacher Zheng, where is the teacher now? You see how good your body is! Is the salary now high? Another old man cares about asking me at Lingbei School, the salary is not high, a little shy!" I replied truthfully that several fellow villagers followed me. Polite greetings, such as a little annoying in peacetime, can bring me a very pleasant mood today. Only when I revisited the place, I have such a harvest! Under my suggestion, Teacher Chen took me to detour twenty-three K and returned from the other road. There is no trace of the road that I have taken. I feel very strange to walk on this country road and see the great changes in the old land for 20 years. I rarely see green water, let me see it here. Liu Zongyuan's "Small Stone Pond" "is separated from bamboo, smells the sound of water, such as the ring of the ring, the heart of music", compared with it, there is a similar skill. The clear flowing water washed my turbid heart. In today's rapid development, there is still such a pure land. The living environment of people is beautiful, the conditions are superior, and the spirit is full of energy. The simple peasants did not destroy the natural gifts, and added their own wisdom to the bright scene of the delicious food. This most primitive environmental awareness makes me feel excited. Look again, so many old people, still working in the front line, hardworking hands, warm hospitality, is a strange way for them to find a way to life, witness the wisdom of people, create beauty; familiar people, communication The gully of the soul interprets happiness. At the last moment of 2013, I deepened my feelings in life. With such a mood, there must be a lot of gains in 2014, which inspired me to use shallow ink to remember.

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