A young child with low vision may use a separate monitor

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A young child with low vision may use a separate monitor

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Students can participate in many different ways with the Electric Self-Balancing Scooter or interactive whitened board session. A child with low vision may use a separate monitor attached to the SMARTBoard computer to follow along with the activity. A simple device referred to as a video splitter transmits the video signal in order to both devices. A wireless mouse and wireless keyboard will also be useful. The student using the actual monitor for close-up watching can interact directly with the content using the wireless mouse and/or keyboard along with using the tools in the SMARTBoard.
The activity could be set up for the kids to work in teams or having a partner. Depending on the game, children can also participate using the wireless keyboard or switch to create selections.
There are many interactive white board friendly internet sites that have a "full screen" choice. This option puts the concentrate on the activity content as well as removes any sidebars or extraneous advertising that may be distracting.
Many of the students have limitations along with fine motor abilities or even arm/hand strength. Some children cannot exert enough pressure using their own finger or might have difficulty holding the standard stylus supplied with the white board. A tennis ball works perfectly as an alternate tip. One option is for that child to grasp and contain the ball while using it to pick or drag objects about the screen. ififa666
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