This is actually the beginning of the online game

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This is actually the beginning of the online game

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As we all understand, making Blade & Soule Gold is quite important inside a game. And Blade & Spirit is without exception. Whenever your character goes to higher level, you can enjoy more benefits for example weapons and packs. This can be a guide to offer some tricks and tips to help Blade & Spirit players level fast within game. Level 1-10
This is actually the beginning of the online game, just complete some duties to level up rapidly. Or you can decide to beat the zombie employer when reaching level 9. If you're able to use trigram strike, the actual critical attack looks excellent. If possible, try to beat the actual zombie boss with critical attack at the start for quickly and effectively leveling up.
Level 10-20
At this time, you can play the actual scorpion dungeon. You are allowed in order to beat 50 scorpion bosses previously. You can get a lot more than 10 EXP with every scorpion, which means 50 scorpion bosses may bring you more than 500 exp factors. However, when reaching degree 17, it is relatively harder to obtain exp.
Level 20-30
From level 20, you will confront polluted cave where one can play polluted cave whilst completing quests. When achieving level 22, you can concentrate on the polluted cave, which may help you to get more than 4000 exp. It is kindly remind you that you're allowed to play the actual polluted cave dungeon each and every 10 minutes. You can upgrade by 2 levels inside a hour. As exp may decrease after level twenty-eight, just enjoy this benefit before you reach level 27. From level 29, you are permitted to beat Kongou which can provide you more exp.
Degree 30-36
When reaching degree 30, all you have to do is to complete missions till you reach degree 36. It is waste of your time playing dungeons at this time. If all the missions are completed, go towards the ease cave or the shadow to keep. When reaching level thirty six, just focus on update.
Level 37-42
At degree 37, go to the actual Red Leaves Mountain Rental property to upgrade by defeating. It is easy to obtain 96 exp by defeating a pig, however, it's not enough for fast update. It takes less time if you're able to use skills. ififa777
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