The basic composition of concrete mixing station

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The basic composition of concrete mixing station

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<strong>The basic composition of concrete mixing station</strong>
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1, mixer: mixer stirring their way into compulsory mixer and self-loading mixer. Compulsory mixer is at home and abroad mainstream use concrete mixing station, which can be stirred liquidity, semi-rigid and rigid and other dry concrete. Self-loading concrete mixers main stirring liquidity, rarely used in mixing station. Compulsory mixer according to the spindle structure is divided into a planetary mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer and twin-shaft mixer. The integrated use of performance especially in the twin-shaft compulsory mixer is best. Our series of concrete mixing station in all twin-shaft compulsory mixer.
2, material weighing system: Material weighing systemchinese yhzs50 twin shafts mixer concrete batching plant is affecting the quality of concrete and concrete production cost of key components, divided into aggregate weighing, weighing powder and liquid weighing three parts. Under normal circumstances, 35 cubic meters per hour or less concrete mixing station superposition weighing methods that aggregate (sand and stone) with a pair of scales, a scale with cement and fly ash, water and liquid additive respectively, said amount, and then put into the water, said liquid additive premixed infighting. In more than 50 cubic meters per hour of concrete mixing station, said the use of various materials weighing separate ways, all have adopted electronic weighing scales and computer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy ≤2%, cement, powder, water and additives weighing accuracy have reached ≤1%.
3, material handling systems: conveying material conveyed by aggregate, powder transportation, water and admixtures delivery of three parts. At present there are concrete mixing station aggregate transport conveyor hopper and belt conveyor in two ways. Advantages bucket elevator is a small footprint, simple structure. Advantages belt conveyor is transporting distance, high efficiency, low failure rate. Conveyor belt is mainly used to aggregate concrete mixing station temporary storage, thereby increasing productivity mixing station. Concrete is mainly used for cement powder, fly ash and slag. Mixing station currently widely used is the screw conveyor transport. Advantages of the screw conveyor is simple in structure, low cost, and reliable. Water and liquid additives are fed by pumps.
4, material storage systems: concrete mixing station for storage of material used basically the same. Aggregate open dumps (and there are large-scale urban commercial concrete mixing station with a closed silo); powder cement warehouse storage; admixture steel container.
5, the control system: stirrer control station of the central nervous system of the entire device. Control system according to the different requirements of users and the size of the mixing station and have different functions and preparation, the construction site with a small concrete mixing station generally simpler control system, and the system is relatively large mixing station complex.</p>
Stabilized soil mixing station Maintenance
<strong>Maintenance and operation flow stabilizing soil mixing station:</strong>
<p>I. Maintenance
1 reducer (filter) and electric drum performed in the instructions for use of the corresponding provisions.
2 stirrer, aggregate belt conveyor, belt feeding machine, the various ingredients, screw conveyor bearing at every application before starting the grease gun next to the oil lubrication 5-8 cup demolition every 200 hours of operation open examination, put new grease.
Should smear a little butter before 3 mixer gear boot every day.
4 opened once a week each drive chain cover and the chain plus a small amount of grease-coated every 300 hours of work cleaning the chain once.
5 Weekly cleaning each belt and the belt tensioning screw feeder once, and apply new grease.
6 stirrer, poor working conditions, when the leaf pulp originally worn to less than 2/3 of the area, should be replaced leaf pulp.
After 7 class work, the mixed material storage bin in the material drained, cut off the mains; open agitator cover, check the fastening arm and leaf stirred slurry was found loose nuts should be tightened immediately, in order to avoid leaf Pulp off accident; clean or remove the device throughout the material adhered to avoid hardening bonding material, affect the normal use of the device.
When 8reducer electric drum or leakage occurred, to promptly replace gaskets or seals, to ensure their adequate amount of oil.
9 mixer on the rear cover of the cylinder to be repaired damaged, avoid material flying out of wounding.
Maintenance 10 electrical equipment section.
Electrical equipment through regular maintenance, will reduce the occurrence of failure can discover hidden to prevent failure of the expansion. Routine maintenance of electrical equipment subject generally include: motors, electrical control cabinet (including contactors, relays and protective equipment) and electrical wiring.
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