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external wall

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Currently relatively good external wall insulation coating has good weather resistance, low thermal conductivity, stable insulation properties, high softening coefficient, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-aging; strong grass-roots deformation adaptability, can effectively prevent the build a curved patio bench with pavers generation of cracks in the wall ; no cavity system, anti-negative pressure capability, suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings; permeability, strong respiratory function, both good waterproof function, but also discharge water insulation; construction convenient and fast can be multi-point multi-level construction; fire rating up to B1 level and above, and so on, integrated many advantages.
Huge space for development of external wall insulation coating
External wall insulation has a large market prospects, although many paint companies to seize the development opportunities, successfully entered the external wall insulation industry, but in the exterior wall development more than a decade, the whole building's exterior insulation industry has beenanti-expansion pool surround materials in a small play small trouble state enterprise fragmented, rarely communication technology markets. Thus far, the industry has not been a well-known national and professional external wall insulation paint brand.
Before the formal introduction of the relevant state regulations, external wall insulation coating has not been taken seriously, even today, in some cities still use backward wall insulation materials and processes.
But many two; It is understood that the use of listed domestic market, some big cities, especially in exterior insulation work a city has done relatively better, such as large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, basic restrictions less advanced materials and processes class city or other small city building wall insulation market order more chaos, materials and construction besd wood railing outdoor export Spain technology used is clearly backward. However, external insulation materials market demand is still huge, with the further improvement of economic development and national policies on the external wall insulation industry, wall insulation materials market will further expand and standardize, as an ideal material, whether from its price and performance coatings , the external wall insulation coating on the market have a more broad space for development, the outlook is still good.
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