Concrete vibrated water conservation on the basis of tempera

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Concrete vibrated water conservation on the basis of tempera

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<strong>Concrete vibrated water conservation on the basis of temperature field analysis</strong>
<p>Temperature measurement through the field study of a certain base station array of concrete vibration variation in water temperature curing period, the highest temperature and the test point, the temperature difference between the inner and the surface temperature difference analysis. Statistics show that by adjusting the depth of the reservoir area, the temperature difference of concrete can be effectively controlled in the range of 25 ℃, avoid cracking of concrete. Meanwhile, combine the numerical simulation during construction of concrete temperature field distribution, and field test results recorded data match.</p>
<strong>A, 0.8m concrete vibrated purpose and use range:</strong>
    grain screw conveyors from manufacture<p> The shaker is produced in the laboratory for one of our major equipment concrete products, used in making concrete aggregate particles less than 40mm, height not exceeding 200mm products of dry concrete products, as long as the weight and size of the plane allows shaker the range, can use this shaking table tap molding.</p>
<strong>Two, 0.8m concrete vibrated technical parameters:</strong>
<p>Table size: 0.8 m
Taiwan vibration frequency: 2860 times / min
Amplitude: 0.3-0.6mm
Motor power: 1.5 kilowatts 380V
Maximum load: 200kg</p>
<strong>Three, 0.8m concrete vibrated main structure:</strong>
  <p> Shaking table consists of the table, chassis and vibration motor. The structure shown in FIG.
Countertops and chassis were all steel welded structure, with a certain rigidity. Hard rubber pad into the middle, which is movable table and fixed chassis vibration between the support means from the vibration absorption effect. In the chassis top with six pins to the bottom of the table six positioning holes match guarantee movable table positioned in vibration. Fixed at the bottom of the table in the active vibration motor is bi-directional motor shaft at both ends of the shaft is fitted with the required excitement, giving the vibration table vibration. Two eccentric block enclosed in the motor housing, has a simple structure, low noise advantages.</p>
<strong>Four, 0.8m concrete vibrated lifting and installation:</strong>
<p>1. Lifting:
The table on both sides of the chassis has four Φ40 hole for lifting hole, when the whole transport, use both sides of the chassis Four lifting hole transport as a whole. When removing the table, use the table on both sides of the four lifting holes, lifting equipment means should first cleat into the hole, the mesa increase of about 5cm, the positioning pin movable table from under the chassis, before lifting countertops.
2. Install:
Shaker in the installation should be preceded by the installation of cement on the basis of "bolt position drawings" position pouring properly buried four M16 anchor bolts. Cement foundation plane must school level. Then fill in the vibration absorption rubber cushion, looking at positive levels chassis Chassis tighten bolts. Installation activities desk in front of the chassis rigid rubber filled the upper part of the table and press into the seat chassis, found uneven countertop corners, can not re-compacted rubber mat at the thin rubber mat to uniform pressure around the table tight so far.</p>
<strong>Five, 0.8m concrete vibrated use and maintenance:</strong>
<p>1, after the installation of production shaking table test,must first drive (no load) 3 ~ 5min, after parking tighten all fasteners, repeated two or three times before production officially put into operation.
2, vibration table during manufacturing operations, placing concrete sample containing tryout the table must be symmetrical with the center line, the load balancing.
3, vibration motor should have good reliable ground.
4, shaker during manufacturing operations such as found in noise is not normal, should immediately stop production, cut off the power supply a comprehensive inspection for loose fasteners. If necessary, to check your eccentric vibration motor is loose or damaged parts. Tighten loose parts, replace damaged parts.
5, when the factory shaker vibration force is properly adjusted. Maintenance vibration motor, an eccentric position does not allow fast changes.</p>
<strong>Six, 0.8m concrete vibrated Accessories:</strong>
<p>1, M16 anchor bolts, M16 nuts, washers oblique channel 16 with four each.
2, vibration absorption rubber cushion 2.</p>
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