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There are many traditions and customs surrounding the wedding beginning with the engagement ring. Back in the medieval days Wholesale Jerseys China , it was customary for the groom to pay for the bride's hand in marriage. Frequently he would offer precious stones as part of this payment and confirm his intention to take her as his bride. This custom has long since ended, but the tradition of giving an engagement ring as a symbol of intent to marry continues today. The most popular stone given is still the diamond which is placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. This finger was once believed, by Ancient Romans, to have had a vein that ran straight to the heart. How romantic is that!

The bachelor party has been around since the fifth century. Back then the military buddies would eat, drink and toast the night before their friend's wedding at a bachelor dinner. These affairs have, in recent years, changed to include sexy entertainment in addition to the food and spirits.

Before the Bride had a say in who she wanted to marry, there was quite a long period of time when it was very common for the bride to be snatched from her family's home. This couldn't be done alone and so the Wedding Party was formed. His attendants, best man and ushers, would fight the future in-laws as he made away with his intended. This bride probably didn't have a Vera Wang original waiting for her at the end of the journey.

Bridal attendants Wholesale NFL Jerseys , Maid or Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids, didn't become popular until weddings started to become pre-arranged or planned events. Early attendants began several days in advance preparing the bride for the big day. They made sure the bridal wreath was perfect and attended to the bride in every way, helping her prepare for the wedding feast and dress for the ceremony. Today the attendants do much the same thing. The Maid of Honor will organize a shower for the bride in the weeks before the wedding. The day of the wedding she has many duties to ensure the wedding suns smoothly. One of the most important is to assist the bride in putting on her incredibly gorgeous Vera Wang ivory silk gown with heart shaped sequins embellishing the bodice to the lovely scoop back.

Bouquets have been a tradition for years, but not necessarily floral. It was originally believed that carrying herbs and aromatics, such as garlic and grains would ward off evil spirits as the bride walked down the aisle.

These were replaced with the more aesthetically pleasing floral bouquet. The Groom wearing one flower from the bridal bouquet dates back to Medieval times. It was a Knight's way of stating his love for his bride. Certain flowers have certain meanings. The orange blossom signifies purity, while the red rose symbolizes true love. Many times, the bride will choose to have her dress designed with delicate floral work on the bodice or the train, such as Vera Wang's silk satin gown with delicate flowers and beadwork.

Something Old, something new, something borrowed Wholesale Jerseys , something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe. This goes backs to the Victorian days and most brides today still carry on this very popular tradition. Something old, a tie to the bride's family; something new, represents the life she is about to embark on; something borrowed, is usually from a friend or family member who is happily married and whose good fortune will, hopefully, extend to the new bride. It's also to let her know that she still can count on her friends and family, just as she could before she married; something blue, was to symbolize love, faithfulness Cheap Jerseys From China , and loyalty. If your colors include blue, the something-blue can be introduced on the bridal gown by having your designer embroider a hint of blue flowers on the train or bodice and coordinate the color through the bouquet. The sixpence is to wish the bride wealth.

Walking down the aisle with your father and having him "Give You Away" is a very old tradition. At least the "giving away" part. For years the bride was property for the groom to buy. It was necessary for a formal transfer of the possession to take place. The tradition continues with some variations. Sometimes both parents will give away the bride, sometimes children are involved and it becomes a family affair. As with many traditions and customs, this one still exists, but is quite different from the original.

The tradition of the bride wearing white varies. One tradition dates back to ancient Greece. Their brides wore white because it was joyful. In Roman weddings, brides were dressed in pleated white gowns, not to show purity, but to please the god of fertility, Hymen. England's Queen Victoria started the current tradition of wearing white when she broke from the then traditional silver bridal gown as she wed Prince Albert in 1840. But it wasn't intended to symbolize virginity. And only the affluent were able to afford a special dress of white to be worn only one time, for many years. In the 20's there were still bride's going to the altar in their "Sunday Best" Cheap NFL Jerseys , with a ring of wild flowers or a pretty comb for their hair . They could only dream of a designer satin gown with a beautiful beaded bodice and A-line skirt with full chapel train. And to complete the outfit, a two-tiered chapel length veil with beading to match the bodice of the gown.

The wedding cake started out as bread, in ancient Rome, which when broken over the bride's head would, hopefully bring a fulfilling life, blessed with many children. The guests would then eat the crumbs, convinced they would have good luck. When it traveled to England during the Middle Ages, they changed it a little bit. The wedding guests would their cak
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