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Would you be interested in knowing what keywords Google think are the most related to your search query? Would you like this list of results to be up to date all the time? How about accessing the information at no cost?

And furthermore what about if I told you that you could access all this info using nothing but your favorite browser and a standard Google search?

Does that take your fancy? Then continue reading....

Firstly lets start with the basics and spend a moment discussing relevance Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , as this term a very important part of Googles search engine results.

Google wants to provide the searcher with the most accurate and relevant results that it can. They are aware that if they do not provide this info, its likely that searchers will no longer use their services completely, and no users means no advertising revenues which is their primary source of income!

For a prime example of a search engine dropping the ball, spend a second for AltaVista? In its time it was the most popular search engine, and very quickly lost the crown to Google because they dropped the ball with relevance.

I doubt there is such a thing as search engine loyalty (at least not for the non Internet Marketing search engine person). If a better solution arrives, the everyday user will just start using that service.

Trust me when I say The Powers To Be At Google are very aware of this, and put enormous thought and manpower into making sure that when you use Google, the results that come back are very related to your the search term you used.

Google need to keep the everyday user happy so that they use Google again and again.

Shred Internet Marketers have, of course found ways to "game" Google in previous years, so that their own sites show up instead of what should be the most relevant pages, and such tricks are still used in modern times.

Usually these techniques are found by Google who is getting cleverer at finding these types of hacks.

Google seems to get it right a lot of the time Wholesale Jerseys , and certainly more than the other major search engines at this point in time.

Ok so given that Google is now returning the most relevant results and has the largest user base compared to any other search engine, and that its obvious that their primary mission is info relevance to their searchers, doesn't it make sense to go to their search results and be using this information more when conducting keyword research?

For example lets say your searching for the keyword phrase web traffic

When I typed in keyword phrase into google, I got back list of current pages that Google believe are the most relevance to that search term (along with a host of ads).

But in additional to this information at the bottom of the page they also provide (and here is the key)....

Searches RELATED to: web traffic (Their words).

Hmm interesting a list of keywords that Google think are relevant to my search.

Google actually show you the search terms that they believe are the most relevant to your search.

If you do some research about this, there is some speculation on how google decide on what words are displayed, but in any event you think I believe it's certainly worth investigating further, isnt it?

In my testing I found the keywords it came up with seemed to be keywords heavily searched on.

In the case of web traffic, the search terms returned to me were

increase web traffic
free web traffic
buy web traffic
google web traffic
web traffic report
web traffic generator
web traffic monitoring
measure web traffic

They all seem pretty related to my original search.

And you can drill down by clicking on a keyword to get relevant keywords to that search term. For example I could have selected increase web traffic and received a list of related keywords that relate to that term.

This is getting interesting. Before you pass on this technique compared to using your favorite keyword tool, I would ask that you consider the following.

1) The information from these searches are directly from Google, so the information has not been corrupted in any way.

Many keyword research tools don't use information from Google at all (Wordtracker) or combine information from multiple sources. Here we have information direct from the source!

2) The information returned from Google is of course very up to date, unlike a lot of other keyword research data that can be months out of date.

I am not saying that you get rid of all other keyword tools in favor of this technique Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , but I do recommend you check it out. With all the latest whiz bang all conquering, overly hyped software tools that seemingly gets released everyday, sometimes it pays to take a step back and go back to just using a very simple method like searching in Google!

In my case, I actually use this technique in conjunction with other keyword tools, and get the best out of both worlds. My two favorite keyword research tools currently are Nichebot and Market Samurai (google them).

I find the best use of this technique is when searching new niches, or when trying to establish the viability of entering a particular niche.

One last thing to remember is that unfortunately not all keywords are supported. Sometimes no related searches come back for a given keyword, but given that its free Im happy to overlook that oversight.

And sometimes I have to mention that the terms returned seem a little weird. But this seems to be in more unusual niches that perhaps Google have not collected enough informa $60,000 Mugging $60,000 Mugging

I was referred to a pros.
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