How To Play Pontoon Blackjack and Beat a Dealer's 21

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How To Play Pontoon Blackjack and Beat a Dealer's 21

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Play Pontoon Blackjack
The next blackjack version that we'll look at in this Blackjack Games Guide is a game that is most popular in the UK, Pontoon Blackjack which is also referred to as British Blackjack.
Pontoon Blackjack Rules
The similarities between Classic Blackjack and British Black jack include the use of eight standard decks of cards and forcing the dealer to Hit on a soft hand of 17. But these are the only rules that Classic Blackjack and British Blackjack share.
For starters, Pontoon Black jack is not a Hole-Card game, which means that the dealer will not show an up card at any point during the game.Secondly, the game will kick-off with the dealer first checking for a Pontoon hand, that's an Ace plus a Face or 10 card.One other difference between Traditional Blackjack and Pontoon Blackjack is that if there's a draw in hand value between the dealer and the player, the Push will be won by the dealer, not the player.Click here to know more allnewgclub
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