After leak upon leak and morsel after morsel of the 2019

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After leak upon leak and morsel after morsel of the 2019

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The Eagles’ schedule is one of the most interesting ones in recent years Black Brian Westbrook Jerseys , and there are some fascinating match-ups in 2019."Well, it’s finally here. NFL schedule dripped out to the public on Wednesday, we now have an official schedule for your Philadelphia Eagles next year.And boy, it’s a doozy.It’s hard to accurately gauge the difficulty of a schedule based on the opponents alone. Some teams you think are going to be good heading into the season end up being terrible, and games you think are going to be cakewalks end up being tremendous struggles.Take last year for example. Everyone had wins penciled in against the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Tennessee Titans early in the season, but that obviously didn’t happen. The Jaguars and Rams looked like they could very easily have been two losses, but the Eagles instead won both those games. The bottom line is, much can happen between the time a schedule is released and when the season begins.Nevertheless, it’s fun to look at the schedule and try to pick wins and losses and target some of the premier games we’re going to see this season. Here are my five favorites.Week 4: Eagles @ Packers - Thursday, 9/26 @ 8:20PMAaron Rodgers ain’t what he used to be, but he’s still really damn good, and with head coach Mike McCarthy out of the way, we could see a rejuvenated Rodgers in 2019. It also doesn’t hurt that he’ll likely be motivated to shut up his critics after that scorcher of an article in Bleacher Report painted him in an unkind light.Rodgers has played against the Eagles just four times in his career but has enjoyed a lot of success against them. The Packers are 3-1 in those games, and he has a career 104.4 QBR with a 66.9% completion rate, 7 TDs, 2 INTs and 856 passing yards in those four contests.This feels like the first loss of the season for the Eagles, but if they can pull off a win at Lambeau against Rodgers, it might be an indication that we are in for a very special season.Week 6: Eagles @ Vikings - Sunday Brian Westbrook Jerseys 2019 , 10/1 @ 1:00 PMThe last time the Eagles played in Minnesota, they won the Super Bowl, and just being in that building will be special. But the rivalry between the Eagles and Vikings has also grown since the Birds destroyed them in the NFC Championship Game in January 2018, and despite last year’s loss to Minnesota at home, the Eagles still have the emotional edge over the Vikings after the Bears beat them on the final day of the season, which allowed the Eagles to sneak into the playoffs ahead of them.Minnesota fans were feeling really strong after earning a strong victory over Philadelphia last season, but it’s clear the Eagles (and their fans) are still renting a space in their heads. Going into Minnesota and beating them again would just be too much fun to comprehend.Week 11: Eagles vs. Patriots - Sunday, 11/17 @ 4:25 PMLook, this one doesn’t need 300 words of explanation. It’s Tom Brady in Philadelphia. It’s a rematch of Super Bowl 52, featuring the last two Super Bowl champions, still at the tops of their game. Pederson vs. Belichick. You know you’re not missing this one.Week 12: Eagles vs. Seahawks - Sunday, 11/24 @ 8:20 PMTalk about a brutal two-game stretch for the Eagles. One week after dealing with Brady, the Birds welcome Russell Wilson and Seattle into town for a Sunday night match-up that could have serious playoff implications.Wilson and the Seahawks are not as dangerous away from Seattle, but their diminutive QB is one of the two or three best signal-callers in the league, and the last time these two teams played, in 2017, Wilson dealt Carson Wentz and the Eagles one of their two defeats in games that counted, 27-10. Russ made one amazing play after another in that game Black Wilbert Montgomery Jerseys , almost single-handedly willing them to victory.This looks to be a really tough one, but it should be entertaining.Week 16: Eagles vs. Cowboys - Sunday, 12/22 @ 4:25 PMThe Eagles owe the Cowboys, man. After losing twice to Dallas last season, you know the Eagles want some payback, and they’ll get a chance to hopefully secure a division title when these two teams meet up in the penultimate game of the season. This one should have playoff implications galore, and the Philly crowd will likely be going absolutely bananas.Eagles vs. Dallas week is always special. This one could be one of those games that go down in team history when all is said and done.Jay Ajayi is good to go despite fractured back, says Doug Pederson The Eagles head coach is still fielding a lot of questions about injuries to key players, but the team is welcoming running back Jay Ajayi to the field on Sunday despite his back injury. Doug Pederson talked about preparing for the Titans multi-faceted offense and more in his press conference on Friday morning.Here’s what Pederson had to say:On Titans prepJay Ajayi is officially back for the Eagles on Sunday after rehabbing a fractured back. Pederson admitted, “it sounds bad,” and he even had that same injury during his time as a player, and it’s a go-as-tolerated type injury.“He’s a tough kid and he’s battled through it, and he’s really felt fine.”Pederson was asked about facing a quarterback who can do so much offensively, whether it’s the zone read or wildcat situations, and he talked about it being a unique style but the Eagles’ defense is used to facing that type of multi-faceted offense in practice. He also pointed out it’s all about discipline for the defense, making sure they review the film and training their eyes to make the right reads.The head coach was then asked about Nelson Agholor’s performance over the first three games of the season, and Pederson noted he’s been playing well and real consistent. On top of that, he’s stepped up and taken on a much bigger load with injuries to Alshon Jeffery and Mike Wallace.Carson Wentz earlier in the week said that he has a target goal of 70% completion rate Wilbert Montgomery Jerseys 2019 , but Pederson admitted that’s a bit lofty, but if he’s at high-60’s the team is happy.Pederson was also asked about whether they pay attention to the defense allowing more points on the road, and their overall away game production. The head coach acknowledged that of course they do, and they even talk about how to handle their road games during training camp.He continued to talk about how there are so many extra tiny distractions that come along with playing on the road. They have friends and family members in the hotels, different coaches pulling them in multiple directions, and so there’s a lot more to be focused on as they prepare for an away game.On injuriesOut of respect for Rodney McLeod, Pederson wouldn’t comment on the severity of the injury and the team still isn’t sure if they will end up putting the safety on IR or if he’ll even be out the whole season. It’s too early to tell.The head coach also wouldn’t really go into what they were going to do to make up for the loss of McLeod roster-wise, but Pederson has been working with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz this week to make sure they are covered. “We’ve got a plan and we’re comfortable with what we’ve got.” (But, he also said they are looking for anyone outside that could add depth.)Alshon Jeffery was medically cleared earlier this week but missed practice on Thursday due to an illness. Pederson said the wide receiver isn’t really feeling much better, and that after speaking with team doctors, they say the virus is about a 24-48 hours deal.Pederson did say that they had seen enough from Jeffery on Wednesday, and then have some time on Saturday — with a late departure — to determine whether he’ll be able to play on Sunday.He said that the team has tested Darren Sproles this week, and he’s not quite there yet in terms of getting back out there on game day, but he’s getting close with his hamstring issue.
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