FIFA 16 Distance Shot Skill Introduces

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FIFA 16 Distance Shot Skill Introduces

Postautor: gameshop4u » 15 gru 2015, o 05:24

FIFA 16 introduces skill long range shot
1. When the ball players body position right time and then shot, a long distance shot accuracy and power fifa 16 coins players comfortable rhythm control was the best, pay attention to players of Foot and face direction is appropriate goal.
When facing the best goal
FIFA 16 Skill
2. Long Shots buttons: Xbox One- and hold the B button, PS4- hold down the O key, it will start rolling power strip while holding, release the button when the appropriate strength, with 50% -70% of the best long-range force.
Long Shots button
cheap fifa 16 coins Skill
3. The value of the high capacity long-range players easier goals, which requires players to the forward line players more familiar with the ball to good long-range shot and then Gongmen players, such as the following C Ronaldo.
C Ronaldo strong long-range kick
FIFA 16 Skill
4. cleverly shot, but tricky and clever shot curve, so the ball around the defender. Also aimed at the corner of the goal still is an effective means to improve the scoring rate. Key: Xbox One- and hold the B + RB key, buy fifa 16 coins PS4- hold down O + R1 button.
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Re: FIFA 16 Distance Shot Skill Introduces

Postautor: Parsenry » 16 gru 2015, o 06:51

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