About concrete mixing station unloading bins issues arising

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About concrete mixing station unloading bins issues arising

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About concrete mixing station unloading bins issues arising
Unloading silo concrete mixing station will be started when some of the things some of the unnecessary happened. In the pneumatic valve off move when unloading compartment will automatically open. About these situations is encountered. How to solve this problem concrete mixing station do? Our staff Jie Li mixing station to explain to you how to deal with these programs.
In such cases in general, the pneumatic valve off move when unloading compartment will automatically open the main reasons is the air pressure in the pneumatic valve inside enough, caused by the lack of motivation onhigh capacity china flexible spiral screw conveyorboth sides of the pneumatic valve. Uneven sides of the discharge door opened, cutting the speed will be affected. Such a situation how to solve it? This requires the mobilization of the air compressor, there is a situation, oil pneumatic valve within no time to go to add. Pneumatic valves caused by insufficient activity, pressure to keep up.
Sometimes the stone can be used on the site is not the same. There are large trumpet distinction. After stirring products may discharge compartment door will be blocked, so causing the door would not open. Under such circumstances we need to allow workers to knock down the door measured. Let the discharge port of the gap in the stone were falling out. So cutting open the door quickly. Not going to affect the progress of the project.
The role of the individual concrete mixing station equipment
Concrete mixing plant is composed of a plurality of mixing station hosts, with machine made. The role of each machine is not the same, the play is not the same use. Good control of each part of the machine will be able to concrete mixing stations. Concrete mixing station is composed of a variety of materials to the concrete by a certain percentage of ingredients, and then follow a certain process mixing and stirring, and finally produce a device with certain properties of concrete.
Although specific forms of the various manufacturers liuqi 6×4 cheap concrete mixer truckproduce a variety of concrete mixing station, but its basic form and composition of the structures are similar. Now popular mixing station is basically a computer as the core control, the control of various materials Automatic batching, automatic upgrade, stirring and the material, some of which had statistics, report printing and other auxiliary functions. Points from the function, a variety of concrete mixing station generally consists of the following components:
1, storage silos: Storage sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, to feed batching mechanism;
2, batching machine: measured according to a certain percentage of sand and other materials, mainly composed by a variety of scales, also used by volumetric flow metering equipment;
3, elevator: mainly used to enhance Aggregates;
4, mixers: various raw materials for mixing, the final form of concrete;
5, the control system: control various parts of coordination, the completion of certain production processes.
Operator performance and functioning of commodity concrete mixing station to be operated to achieve gains in order to correct operation and use, when problems arise, in order to timely identify and exclude.
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