Water Tanks Cleaning

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Water Tanks Cleaning

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Water Tanks Cleaning

Water tanks are usually found on roofs of all houses or in their outer buildings.

They are an important part of water storage throughout the year to maintain their natural and chemical properties and prevent pollution. Water is a very important element in our daily life.

(Read also:شركة تنظيف خزانات بالمدينة المنورة) and many other necessities. Water tank parts The reservoirs that are used to store water are characterized by some important parts to maintain public safety. The most important parts are the buoy or flotation valve, as well as the air gap, the buoy regulates the water level in the reservoir and prevents it from flooding, usually found at the top of the tank .
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The air gap is the empty space between the surface of the water at the top of the tank and the float valve, leaving it empty of anything and therefore toxic to the air gap.

Its function is to prevent reservoir water from flowing into the distribution system and polluting the main water supply. The pump is another important part of water storage in tanks.
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It pumps water from the main line to the sub-tanks, then passes to the sub-lines and the system of the domestic water system, and usually warns against running the water pump while there is no water from the main line.
Damage to the pump.
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