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Move the house

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Move the house
If you want to move your home, know that the job of transporting the dough is not easy and it is one of the most difficult stages where some arrangements must be made to preserve the integrity of the loaf of breakage or scratching, and we provide you with important tips to follow when moving your home furniture.

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I. Prioritization:
Priorities should be specified and preferably written on paper.
You should start with a mole and things that do not need a big place.
After that, we arrange the largest size and weight.
Take care of simple objects where they can be easily lost.
Second: Research: -
After the order of priorities comes the research stage you must search for a house suitable for the family in terms of place and space.
The house should be inspected well and the purchase should not be rushed.
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Ensure the integrity of the contracts and ownership of the house and its registration in the competent authority.
Then we search for all the things you have written so as to facilitate the process of transferring the baggage without losing any purposes.
The new house should be inspected and the places where the inspection should be placed.
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Third: Decoration: -
You should preview the decor and choose the appropriate colors and favorites.
An appointment must be made before the official transfer date, as all employees do not give reliable dates.
Workers should follow up well to make sure the business is right for you.

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Fourth: Transition:
It is better to use friends and relatives in the transfer of the dough, so as not to consume time and effort.
The breakable objects must be placed in a side place, then the lambs and the cloths are separated in a single place and the wooden objects elsewhere.
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Use strong karatin, then wrap the breakable items with newspaper or cloth.
Bags should be used to transport clothes and furnishings.
You should disassemble before you begin the transfer two days so as not to waste a lot of time.
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If the house is close to one another, you can move the loaf several times. If it is far away, when you move the loaf, arrange the cuttings where the electrical equipment is placed next to the wooden plank and the glass and kitchen utensils should be placed away from them.
Fifth: Moving to the new home:
The large loaf should be fitted first.
Arrange the objects quietly, where furnishings and clothes should be arranged first.
In the end, the tools must be broken.
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