Man Utd Flop: Why I Failed At Old Trafford

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Man Utd Flop: Why I Failed At Old Trafford

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3mbet A Manchester United flop, once highly rated by Sir Alex Ferguson, has opened up to why he did not make the grade at Old Trafford.The English-born Ivory Coast international Wilfried Zaha signed for the Red Devils back in 2013 from Crystal Palace but after a year filled with struggles and disappointments, he ended up moving back to Selhurst Park.

The 25-year-old, who managed to only make four appearances for United, blames himself for his failure 3mbet and admitted he was not fully focused on developing as a professional at the time. “Me going to a big club when I was like 19 or 20, I didn’t know what to expect, how to behave, whatever,” Zaha told Skysports.

“I was just a youngster who wanted to do tricks, I didn’t even care about end product really. Now I take things a lot more seriously – the gym aspect, recovery after games, my decision-making.“I’ve learnt a lot in terms of my all-round game. I’m totally different now. I’m definitely more mature and more strong-minded.

“I had to be mentally strong after 3mbet what I went through at United. I think in football, most of it is just mental. Once you’ve got that sorted, then you’re good.”Zaha has now developed into one of the Premier League’s best wingers and has been linked with moves to Arsenal and Manchester City recently.
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