Real Madrid see Cristiano Ronaldo's departure as a possibili

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Real Madrid see Cristiano Ronaldo's departure as a possibili

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For the first time since he joined the club in 2009, sbothai those in power at Real Madrid are seriously seeing Cristiano Ronaldo's departure as a real possibility this summer.There have been multiple occasions where the former Manchester United has threatened to leave, but a positive resolution has always been found. However, in 2018 Los Blancos are aware of the potential benefits of allowing the 33-year-old to go, and they don't view him as unsellable any longer.Florentino Perez doesn't want to make a rash decision and anticipate events, the club are sure that Ronaldo will receive offers, sbothai but at this moment they haven't yet received a concrete bid from Turin.Once an offer does arrive, the European champions must then decide how they want to proceed especially if it's seen that keeping Ronaldo isn't a viable option.The relationship has been fractious in recent years, especially since the 2017 Champions League final in Cardiff but there is a chance that a renewed attempt to offer him a new contract.Ronaldo is an icon in Madrid and selling him would have serious implications, it would essentially require that the club make a blockbuster signing, likely Neymar. sbothai
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