The 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded

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The 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded

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The 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded Thailand cave will need to dive more than 1.2miles to get out before waters rise, Sky News has been told.

The country's interior minister has said the evacuation "must speed up" before there is more rainfall, and added that the boys will be brought out in the coming days.

Each of the teenagers will be accompanied by two expert divers as they battle through strong currents before walking 200m to the cave's exit.

A Thai diver told Sky News: "It has to be perfect and (the boys) must not panic or else they won't survive."

It is not clear how extensively the caves have flooded and how many air pockets are available to rescue teams.

It was thought that the boys and their coach, who have been stuck in the cave for 11 days, might need months of training by specialist divers before they can safely make their way out.

But the evacuation is to take place as a matter of urgency before more rain falls and exacerbates the flooding.

The interior minister's comments have been echoed by major general Chalong Chai of the Thai army, who told Sky News the rescue "will be in the coming days but as soon as possible because it is going to rain".

He added: "They will use the same masks as the divers but they need more time to become more skilfull. The boys are in good condition because they are sporty. I feel optimistic they will come out soon alive."

Earlier, Anupong Paojinda told The Bangkok Post: "As rain is forecast in the next few days, the evacuation must speed up. Diving gear will be used. If the water rises, the task will be difficult. We must bring the kids out before then."

Mr Paojinda acknowledged the difficulty of getting the boys and their coach to dive out of the cave.

He said: "Diving is not easy. Those who have never done it will find it difficult, because there are narrow passages in the cave. They must be able to use diving gear. If the gear is lost at any moment, it can be dangerous to life."

The paper also reported that Mr Paojinda said the boys did not know how to swim, which further complicates efforts to extract them from the cave.

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