The New Balance 574 Expedition Pack

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The New Balance 574 Expedition Pack

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New Balance has been on a roll recently, releasing collaborations and updated colorways for their popular silhouettes left and right. Looking ahead, the Boston-based brand drops off yet another offering for the Spring/Summer 2016 season: the men’s 574 Expedition pack. Inspired by backpacking in Arizona, the four-shoe collection is filled with bright colors and intricate designs, aligned with the sunny climate and landscape associated with the southwest region.

For next spring New Balance is inspired by travel backpacker in Arizona. The male models pack of new balance 574 Expedition dress the colors of the landscapes of the city of Sedona, known around the world for the beauty of its red rocks: the gray tones of the stone, the blue of the sky to the yellow and red of the sun. The tissue that forms the upper takes inspiration from that of travel backpacks while the laces from the climbing ropes. The three female proposals maintain the same characteristics, choosing the brightest colors, enhanced with fluorescent touches.

The new pack features four colorways of the new balance 574 france silhouette. Using dark colors, such as brown and gray as a base, New Balance pairs them with brighter schemes such as red, pink, orange, and yellow to bring out the intensity of trailblazers everywhere. With textured uppers and a low top design, the 574 expedition pack is solid offering from the brand, and is sure to be an instant hit among fans.

New Balance just dropped the New Balance 574 Expedition Pack. Said to be inspired by backpacking in Arizona, the shoes are meant to resemble the colors and scenery one is used to seeing when they’re out in the trails. The Expedition Pack will consist of 4 different colorways all made out of an upper consisting of mesh an leather. The mesh takes care of the majority of the upper, while the leather hits are simple used as accents that can be found on areas such as the branding, heel and tongue. Two-toned rope laces and a white midsole and gum outsole contrast the color hues seen up top. Slated to drop tomorrow, let us know how many of you are looking forward to this release.
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