How can I create a new Roadrunner email account?

How can I create a new Roadrunner email account?

Postautor: arianamartinus » 10 maja 2018, o 08:25

Hello Friends
I just want to create a new account for RR com. So, please tell me simple steps how do I easy to create the account.
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Re: How can I create a new Roadrunner email account?

Postautor: ashleygray » 10 maja 2018, o 12:30

Follow steps:
Step 1- Firstly head on to place the mouse cursor over the Road Runner "Help" button, which you can easily find out in the top right of the homepage of the Roadrunner. After that head on to tap "RR Self Care" option in the menu.
Step 2- Now you will require to log in to your Roadrunner account. You can head to rr com login for logging into your account. After logging in, head on to choose your preferred language, then just enter the full Roadrunner email address and then enter the correct account password. Now, in the last box, just enter the text that is showed in the confirmation image and then quickly taps the "Login" option.
Step 3- Now you will require tapping the "Create New Sub User" in the management panel. You will get the availability of this option only when you have not used all the five user accounts.
Step 4- After that, you will require entering the preferable username followed by the first name and the last name. Now in the password box, you will enter the desired password. Again head on to get into the password in the following box to confirm the password.
Step 5- Now head on to tap the "Create New Sub User" button to create the user account. When you get the confirmation screen on your screen, only head on to tap the link "Return to User management."
Step 6- After that tap "Enable user," which you should get next to the user account that you have newly created. Now in the following screen, head onto tap the "Enabled" radio button followed up by the "Update" button.
Step 7- Now head on to tap the "Return to user management" and verify that the new user account is being listed as enabled.

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Re: How can I create a new Roadrunner email account?

Postautor: sarasmithca » 14 maja 2018, o 09:48


Sign in to My Account using your TWC ID. If you do not have a TWC ID, you can create one using Create Username.
Once you sign in, navigate to the My Internet tab and select Create Email Address under the Email section.
If you want to set up sub-accounts, navigate to Subscriber Self Care. Visit our Email step-by-step for more information about sub-accounts.


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