Eriksen is on Real Madrid's list to eventually replace Modri

Eriksen is on Real Madrid's list to eventually replace Modri

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The investment to bring Luka Modric to Real Madrid in 2013 was a smart one, sbobet it's no coincidence that since the Croatian arrived, the club's dominance of European football started, but given his age, Christian Eriksen is on Los Blancos' list to replace him in the future.There are no indications that any such move will be on the agenda this summer, however those in power at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu are aware that the veteran midfielder will not improve at 32 years old.He's been so pivotal to Zinedine Zidane's team, the perfect illustration coming in Saturday's Champions League final, that it will be impossible to replace him perfectly.Players like Modric don't come around too often, sbobet although it must be stressed that Real Madrid are in no rush to move on for him.Consider this a requisite plan for the future, rather than an immediate aim, especially with the European champions having more pressing concerns in attack ahead of the summer transfer window.The club may have been accused of showing disrespect by Cristiano Ronaldo, yet they're merely doing their duty to ensure there is a plan for every eventuality.Eriksen is 26 years old himself, but still has many more years left at the top level than Modric, or at least that's what common sense would suggest. sbobet
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Re: Eriksen is on Real Madrid's list to eventually replace M

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