Reasons Why You Choose Sew-ins

Reasons Why You Choose Sew-ins

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Four Reasons Why Sew-ins or Hair Weave May Be A Thing Of The Past

As the quintessential protective style, sew-ins allow the wearer more volume with a variety of styles and lengths.

Everyone from African-Americans to Caucasians use sew-ins to enhance their beauty or express themselves. Brazilian hair extensions sew-ins are no longer bond to straight and wavy styles. But expanded their reach into the natural hair movement with textures resembling the hair of those of African descent.

Celebrities to your everyday-woman can be found rocking a sew-in. However, with all the benefits and hype of sew-ins, there seems to be a decline in their use across the board. Fewer and fewer women are heading to the weave shops, and this trend does not seem dependent on the season. Even on the red carpet, wigs and natural hair reign supreme.

Are sew-ins becoming extinct? Below we will explore four reasons why there is a decline in the use of sew-ins.

What Is A Sew-in?

For those that are unaware or are only recently learning, it is important to give a brief overview of the nature of a traditional sew-in.

A sew-in is a hairstyle requiring the client’s natural hair braided into a pattern on the scalp and then other hair, typically attached to tracks, is sewed onto the braids. That is basic knowledge. The braiding patterns can range from straight-back cornrows to more intricate designs.

Usually, the hair or blonde wig sewed onto the client is of Asian or Latin origins, which are coveted for their texture, curl pattern and manageability. However, as aforementioned, African hair textures are now included in the hair extensions market as well.

I have had four separate experiences with a sew-in. Two of those times was with a professional, which I had a lovely experience, and two of those times was with a friend in a college dorm.

Needless to say one of those times with a friend involved fishing line and it was not a pleasant experience. Each time, except for the fishing line style, I enjoyed switching up my look and giving my natural hair a rest. However, I never felt the need to make sew-ins a consistent part of my hair switch-up routine. Perhaps I fell into one of the four categories of why sew-ins seem to becoming extinct.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why less and less women are getting a sew-in.

The Naturals Revolution Continues

Although wig store companies have successfully designed and developed extensions resembling natural African hair textures, many women continue to embrace their natural hair’s texture, curl type and length.

Since the rise of the natural hair revolution around 2012, women have increasingly grown to love and embrace themselves including their hair. Embracing natural hair is not only exclusive to women of African descent. I have seen countless videos and blogs of women with more Eurocentric features learning to love and show off their naturally curly hair as well.

It was this acceptance that birthed methods of styling such as the Deva Curl. With almost six years plus, the natural hair movement has moved from YouTube videos to popular hair salons and beauty stores. There are many older women, who were religious about their sew-ins, quick weave and wigs, deciding to give their natural hair a try with the available resources.

Additionally, sew-ins can cause a lot of damage to natural hair. Traction alopecia, the loss of hair due to tension, is becoming more an more common among women, particularly of African descent.

Hair loss from back-to-back sew-ins, neglect of hair care and extremely tight styles has many consumers thinking that long, wavy tracks are not worth the irreversible damage. As a college student, I tried to cut corners in order to get a beautiful body wave human hair weave by getting my homegirl to hook me up.

Although the sew-in cost me almost half of what I would have spent at a salon, I paid for it with the integrity of my hair. Thankfully, with some TLC and new knowledge I gained from a hair care job, I was able to restore and regrow the hair I lost.

Many women are not as lucky and are ditching the Peruvian hair wholesale weaves altogether.
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Re: Reasons Why You Choose Sew-ins

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